Happy Easter

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter long weekend. My weekend so far has been filled with resting, visits with friends and sharing good food! The weather has been so amazing, sunny days with blue skies.

it's not about the bunny

{Source: this was found on Facebook and then found it on this blog, but not sure of the real source!}

Don’t let me mislead you. The Bunny always did visit my house growing up. But we also knew that Easter wasn’t just about the bunny alone; there is a deeper meaning to what Easter is all about!

This morning I was going to attempt to get up to watch the sunrise.  I set my alarm for 4:55am.  Since the sun is officially rising about 5:44am I thought that this would be in ample time to wake up to go watch it.  But when I looked out the window it was already light outside…(the sun might not have risen over the mountains yet, but it was light!) So I made the decision to go back to bed for a bit longer, until it was time to get up for church!

That is one thing I thing I do miss living up here. When I lived in Toronto on Easter Sunday I usually got up early, before the sun rose to head to the Woodbine Beach. There I met other friends and members of my church to watch the sunrise!  We’d sing, read a short passage from the bible…then go home to get ready for Easter Service at 10:30am! Even though I’m really not a morning person…it was so much fun!

What special Easter traditions do you have?

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