Her story – Tina (Part I)

After the birth of our second son in 2006, I knew I didn’t want to go back to work.  Unfortunately due to finances we had no choice.  I was heart sick going back, but I was working nights and Rob was working days so we were able to get away with not paying childcare.  Unfortunately we were not spending any time together as a family unit and we were miserable.  We decided we needed to make a change.  We looked at all options.  Prostitution?  Still kept us away at night.  Drug lord? Too competitive in the trailer park.  So we decided to look west.  Rob contemplated going to Alberta, as many people were doing in 2006.  On a whim, Rob decided to post his resume on Monster.com.  Right away we started receiving phone calls from a company in the North.  I thought “hell no, I am not moving to the North”.  But they kept calling.  And calling.  And then there was the job fair which we went to.  We realized this was not a scam, but a legitimate company.  We decided to start surfing the internet for any information we could find.  I stumbled upon this blog of a woman who was in Nunavut and left a message on her blog.  She quickly messaged me back and we started chatting.  She was from BC and her husband was from Cape Breton.  That woman was Kara.  From Kara’s blog I found Jenn shortly after, Kennie and Sarah.  I also found the amazing Indigo.  Everyone was so helpful and helped us make the decision to move to the North.  We met the most amazing people, and I will never forget the first time I stood under the Northern Lights with my husband and my children.  These women were with me when I lost my dad a short 6 months after moving North, and were with me in spirit when I came back to Nova Scotia to organize his funeral and face the firsts of many without him.  I often took pictures with them in mind thinking “Kara will get a kick out of this” or “Jenn will LOVE this”.  I was fearful when we left the north that I would lose the bond I have with these women, but that was a silly thought on my part.  I feel now that this trip is really happening we are all closer than ever.  I really can’t wait for the silliness that we will all share when we are together.  To just relax and completely be yourself around people that are just as crazy as you are is something I do not normally get to experience.  I love to act silly in public, to sing and dance in the middle of  store and not care who sees me.  I don’t judge anyone, and if anyone judges me well too bad.  Life is too short to be caught up in seriousness.  Indigo taught us all that and I know she will be with us in spirit on this journey.  I can’t freakin’ wait!

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