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Her Story – Jen (part I)

When I was 22 years old, I got married. Exactly four days after the wedding my new husband carried me off to Nunavut to live out our newlywed years. He was moving there for work and I was following along, hoping I’d find work.

When he had called me, in the middle of hand dipping candles for our wedding reception, and told me that we were moving to Nunavut, I admit, I cried a little. I was up for the adventure, but I had no idea what to expect. Even though I had lived in two different countries in Europe during my life, some how I knew that moving so north, even still in my home country, would be the biggest change I had faced yet.

With the comfort of knowing that I could at least still buy Smarties at the local store (not something I could easily do in European countries, or Salt and Vinegar Chips!) I was worried about shopping in general. Living in an isolated, fly-in-only community was going to completely change my life. I had heard rumors of packing powered milk into my suite case. Filling the gaps between my clothes with potatoes. All bogus information, I came to later find out. You can eat very well up there, however it’s not cheap. At. All.

The first day we arrived in Iqaluit, I was just blown away by it’s incredible beauty. But I was so scared shitless I made us stay in our hotel room, instead of taking advantage of the few hours we had there to explore. The next morning we would be catching a connecting flight out to the community we would call home. Now I look back on this and think, what a major freaking waste, hiding out in our hotel room.

Years later, sitting here at my computer, older, a little more wiser, 3 years of living in the arctic under my belt, I think about how much I wasted the beginning days I was in Nunavut. Thankfully we stayed as long as we did so I had time to experience a part of the amazing wonder that place has to offer.

I realize now that I can’t take 3 years to get out of my comfortable shell and do something amazing. I’ve got to close my eyes and jump feet first. Indigo did, and she did some pretty amazing stuff in her life.

Because we are crazy like that.

When the plane tickets were purchased this fall, I ran out (okay, I surfed the internets) and bought something fun for each of these gals.  I was looking for something odd that we could have fun with while we explored/terrorized the territory.

When people think of Yukon, I believe they see in their heads bushy-bearded, flannel-wearing, wood-chopping men.  I wanted our crew to have the full Yukon experience, so the bearded lady hat it is!

Bearded lady hat

So there will be five women in bearded lady hats.  I am pretty sure I am going to pee my pants laughing.  And I wonder how many tourists will be taking pictures of us!

After I purchased the hats, each member of our group decided to make/purchase something to add to our costume.  Each is going to blog about their contribution so stay tuned!

Wordless Wednesday XXXVI: Spring* Fun…

March 2013_0010March 2013_0008March 2013_0009

* although I was hoping this kind of melt wouldn’t happen until May!!!

Seeing Signs of Green…

IOn Sunday I had a few friends over for a St. Paddy’s Day Potluck.  I’m 5th generation Irish- Canadian…so all I have is my irish last name…so that makes me 1/4 irish! I pulled out some old decorations I had from my days as an ECE…invited some people over and had dinner!

March 2013_0002March 2013_0003 For dessert, I made this…St. Patrick’s Jello Cream Cake!

Anything is possible with Jello!

I found the recipe after a tweet from Tori Spelling… went to the original website, followed the directions and it turned out FANTASTIC!  So worth the hunt for lime jello… didn’t find lemon, so went with lime for the whole thing!

Overall it was an awesome dinner.. and my living room looked like this for awhile…(So glad I brought one of my bins of toys when I came north!)

March 2013_0004

It was fantastic food…yes, some was green-awesome broccoli salad, and some amazing garlic/chive potatoes…as well as homemade mac & cheese, shepherd’s pie, ribs, tuna-pasta dish that was awesome! (I made the shepherd’s pie and the mac & cheese while other guests made the other yummy dishes!)

Ever since Friday’s Blizzard….the weather has been so strange!  It’s been above zero and the snow is melting.  We’ve had rain off an on… high winds… and in front of my house is a skating rink!

So we have started to see some brown on the tundra!!! (as well as lots of rocks, garbage and dog poop has started to appear!)

March 2013_0011March 2013_0014 March 2013_0013 March 2013_0012

It’s suppose to get cold again (below zero) tomorrow…we’ll have to wait to see what happens.  But right now this weather feels like May weather… not March!


Life is like a train…

My grandpa once told me that this following analogy.  Life is like a train.  There are many stops along the journey.  Places you can get off, get refreshed, meet new people…but when the whistle blows it’s time to jump back on that train to see what the next station stop has to offer.  Sometimes the train gets derailed or makes a wrong switch turn…it’s a dirty job, but you can get that train back on course.  Don’t be discouraged for these side trips are just part of the journey!

I suppose these train station stops can be like markers along your life’s journey.  It might be an event, a date, a random thought…but those markers often spur you on to the next adventure. The marker might be a spot where you have had to change direction, readjust your life plans… and then continue on.   I suppose March 16th, 2009 is one of those dates for me.  It’s so hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I left my city life in Toronto…for adventures unknown! Now I know I haven’t spent all of the 4 years in Nunavut…but it’s  been 4 years since I’ve lived in the same province as my family.  In my brain it seems like yesterday I was arriving at the Pangnirtung Airport for the first time!

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my life…looking back on where I’ve been…and then looking forward to the future! If you ask me today where I’d be in 4 years, honestly I wouldn’t have an answer for you.  My hope is that I will continue to take risks and look for the adventures every day in life.  That’s all anyone can ask for right? I know that I’m excited for all the opportunities that are in the future.  But more importantly I’m enjoying my present…and where my life is at this moment!

First time walking on the Pangnirtung Fjord!

March 29, 2009…first walk on the Pangnirtung Fjord


On a hay bale in a corn field...Manitoba

October 3, 2010…first time at a corn maze!


On the Pangnirtung Fjord

August 14, 2011…first time on the other side of the Fjord! (Pang in the background)

At the top of Mt. Duval in Pangnirtung, Nunavut

June 30, 2012- at the top of Mt. Duval with the afghan I knit!

northern lights in pangnirtung, Nunavut

February 13, 2013- Lights in my backyard!

It’s good to look back from where you have been, and what you have experienced…even thought it might make you miss your long hair! (but that will always grow back!) I’m also looking forward to the future..dreaming of what I’ll find at future train stops along my life’s journey in the years ahead! Don’t get me wrong… I’m not looking to move any time soon, I’m so happy with life here in Pang!

Am I the only one that has ‘markers’ in their life that lead to crazy changes?

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