Walkin’ in the Hills…

Friday I went over to visit my friend Kaitlin.  She’s currently puppy-sitting for a teacher that is gone on Easter break!  It was such a gorgeous day, sun was shinning even though with the wind it was -20…it was a good afternoon… Here are some photos I took as we talked, and let the pups wear themselves out!

(I think the puppies are about 7months old…they are a mixed breed, brother-sister from same litter, and didn’t get the “Pang-dog-short-leg-gene”!) Walking in the hills around PangnirtungWalking with the Dogs 2 Walking with the Dogs 3 Walking in the hills of PangnirtungWalking with the Dogs 6 Walking with the Dogs 10 Walking with the Dogs 13 Walking with the Dogs 14 Walking with the Dogs 15 Walking with the Dogs 19 Pangnirtung, walking in the hills above town. Thanks for a fun afternoon Kaitlin…it was fun to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air!  Even though I’d still want babies more than puppies, it was fun to hang out for the afternoon with these cuties!


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3 thoughts on “Walkin’ in the Hills…

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    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      The other siblings from that litter look different yet again! These guys don’t have the typical ‘short-legs’ that a “pang dog” has. Pang doesn’t have a vet…and lots of dogs that run loose, so that means lots of puppies! However, the Pangnirtung Humane Society has been raising money to bring a vet in for a spay and neuter clinic and they are coming to town in a few weeks.


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