March 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Can you believe another month is gone in 2013? This year is flying by!  March was a tough month for me to keep up to the challenge daily.  If you were following along on Instagram, you would have seen me jump all over the list posting random photos out of order!  I started off right, but then at the beginning of the month while I was in Iqaluit I got out of sync.  To catch up I just worked on the getting through the prompts not really paying attention to the order! Although at one point I almost gave up completely, but am so glad I pressed on to finish the month out. It’s almost like I lost my creative mojo for photo taking and bloggin’! Here’s hoping April will be less chaotic for me and I’ll find that creative mojo for photos and bloggin’ once again.
March 2013 #FMSphotoaday

(Source: Fat Mum Slim) 

Without any further ado here are my photos for March. I must admit looking at some of these photos makes me laugh, because they are so horrible, and well I can tell I struggled with it.  I really hope April is better, or I might give up this photo-a-day thing for a year. Some of these were taken with my iPhone 3GS and others were taken with my Canon 50D (these photos will be labelled!)


Day 1: L is for… laminating! I created sets of matching cards at work for a conference workshop.

Day 2: i made this! Last spring I knit the this afghan, then hiked to the top of Mt. Duval to take photos! (taken with Canon 50D) I took this photo last June, I also uploaded another photo of the blanket on a chair, but decided only to share this photo on the blog.

Day 3: key… just my keys in the door at my house!


Day 4: lucky…I am so incredibly lucky to live here in beautiful Pangnirtung, and that this is my view daily! (taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 5: under…my desk at work are all these random cords. They belong to the fax machine and printer, but sometimes my feet get tangled up in them.

Day 6: chair…just a random shot of one of my kitchen chairs.

#FMSPhotoaDayDay 7: fear… I don’t have a fear of the dark, but have a fear of ‘moving-in-the-darkness’.  So have to turn on my bedside light before I go and turn off the other lights in the house.  When I left Toronto friends in my church had a ‘surprise’ going away party for me.  My friend Anna picked me up in her car, blindfolded me and drove me around the city before taking me to the church.  I almost had a full on panic attack from the car to the basement. I remember being vocal about not wanting to move, or walk…and begged to take the blindfold off.  But Anna thought I was just joking around, and was being funny, and said NO! (to this day I don’t think she realized how much that little walk terrified me!) Although having the church basement filled with friends for a going away party did help me get over it pretty quickly!  I think I will always have a fear of moving-in-the-darkness!

Day 8: favourite… These are my favourite pirate duckies! A great friend found them for me…and now they have a place of honour in my bathroom, next to the Blue Q “lavatory mists”.

Day 9: faceless self-portrait… This is my ‘almost’ faceless self-portrait.  I was wearing my favourite felted necklace that I bought last fall when I was in Paris!#FMSPhotoaDay

Day 10: i want...I posted a long time about wanting a Saila Doll. My gramma surprised me with my birthday and Christmas gift for getting me one!  I had already gotten a Pang Hat and Amoutiq for her…but didn’t have the doll! It arrived, and I’m so happy…(I’ll share more photos soon about that!) (Taken with my Canon 50D). 

Day 11: important… My modem and wireless router are pretty important.  It’s my lifeline to family and friends, keeps me sane living so far away from everyone!

Day 12: in the distance… Here is a photo taken from my hotel room in Iqaluit.  The sun was setting the day after a crazy blizzard! (Taken with my Canon 50D).


Day 13: sound… Can you see the airplane landing? When I look at this photo I can not only SEE it landing, but hear it too! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 14: tasty… I made my Gramma’s special “death by chocolate skor bar” dessert…it was yummy, and I had lots of left-overs! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 15: explore…After the wind settled down in the blizzard, i went outside to ‘explore’ and see the drifts of snow, and how it settled on the back of my house! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

#FMSPhotoaDayDay 16: 9 o’clock…This is a clock that sits on my desk at work.  It’s a cute little alarm clock that a friend gave me years ago as a joke…in order to turn off the alarm you have to open up this trap door thing at the back, so much work! (definitely no snooze in this clock!)

Day 17: green… This was my St. Paddy’s Day Dessert…it was a fun cookie base topped with creamed jello, and then lime jello at the top…it was so good!

Day 18: shoes…Just a random crate of shoes in my boot room!


Day 19: a sign… one of the many stop signs in Pang! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 20: clean…it was laundry day, and my clothes were on their way to being clean

Day 21: working…I got to go fishing for IQ Day, and my ‘work’ was out on the land! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

March 2013 #FMSPhotoaDay

Day 22: about you… I’m the type of girl that doesn’t mind getting her hands a bit dirty or even fishy! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 23: what you do for fun…This day I invited neighbours over, and then we made sushi out of the fresh Char I had caught the day before!

Day 24: up… Looking up, wondering where these jets are coming from and where they are going! (Makes me want to travel internationally again!) (Taken with my Canon 50D).

March 2013 #FMSPhotoaDay

Day 25: in your drawer…my desk drawer at work! Lots of random stuff.

Day 26: something you did… I took a dog for a walk on a leash…with my friend Kaitlin! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 27: pair… my pair of mittens, my friend this month helped me sew new linings to these mittens and then sewed new fur on them too!

March 2013 #FMSPhotoaDay

Day 28: in the mirror… just a random ‘selfie’ in the bathroom mirror (doesn’t everyone do that?)!

Day 29: goodnight… goodnight moon! (Taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 30: relax…The couch was the perfect spot to relax after going outside for a walk and enjoying the fresh air!

Day 31: stuff…Random ‘stuff’ or eggs hanging in my kitchen window!


So there you have it now I have three months done, only nine more to go! Here is the list for April’s prompts.  Feel free to join in the challenge, let me know where you post your photos so I can look at them! I’ll be posting via Instagram daily and then summarize them at the end of the month here on my blog!


April 2013 #FMSPhotoaDay


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the first two months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

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  1. Anoninuk

    Great pictures! I’m a long-time reader – and lurker – of your blog. ‘Death by chocolate skor bar’?? Might you have a recipe for this wonder? And, if you’re ever wondering what/who is flying overhead, check out It’s pretty cool.


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