Palace of Versailles

As promised at Valentine’s Day I decided to share some more photos from my trip to Paris! To be honest, I still haven’t gotten very far in my editing… I did manage to finish going through the 1658 images I took when I was at the Palace of Versailles!  I chose 156 images to edit…then shared about 70 photos.  Shooting digital is amazing, but often hard to wade through the editing…when I have SO many great images to choose from!  Hopefully it won’t take that long to get through some more of the photos from the trip.

Palace of Versailles

Outside the Gates of the Palace of Versailles (on left) and outside the Gates to Marie-Antoinette’s Estate (on right)

This photo is just a teaser of some of the great shots I took.  So if you want to see more of my photos head on over to “Learning Titus 2” today to see my story from my day spent at the Palace of Versailles.  Thanks again Lisa for letting me share my story on your blog!

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2 thoughts on “Palace of Versailles

  1. Keenan

    I miss you! Thanks for posting Sarah. Enjoyed the many pics. Embarrassing but actually the foodie pics were some of my fav (embarrassing because you posted pics of Versailles & I focused on artistic food shots – but they were done so well :)) Hope all remains well far North. Bests!


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