Pangnirtung Hamlet Day

Today was Hamlet Day in Pangnirtung.  Pangnirtung is 41 years old!  Since it is an official holiday for the Hamlet I got the afternoon off work to attend the activities!  So at 1:30pm I made my way out past the pack ice to join the community to celebrate.  There were a few games–some 3-legged races…and then the main event a sculpin fish contest.  Kanajuq what you call these fish in Inuktitut! They are UGLY…but we’ll get to that later on with the photos!  It was a wonderful afternoon.

On my walk from my house to the ice… I realized I dressed too warmly.  I ditched a fleece jacket in my friend’s truck at the beach…then when I got out on the ice, my friend helped me take off my long-john thermal top.  She held down my hoodie while I got my arms out of it without taking off the hoodie.  (yep, i have mad skillz!) After that wardrobe change I was able to enjoy the rest of the day. It was a gorgeous day… (the temperature was about -8C with windchill it was about -10!)..a perfect spring day!

Hamlet Day- Pangnirtung Hamlet Day-_0002 Hamlet Day-_0003

Yup, that’s a Kanajuq– they sure are ugly! There were prizes for the smallest and for the biggest caught! I tried to catch one…but didn’t get one.  I enjoyed conversations with people while we were fishing though!

Here’s a Kanajuq my friend caught-straight from the hole!  Below that in the middle is a the only ‘selfie’ I took all day…with my hand my rod and the fishin’ hole! Pangnirtung Hamlet Day Hamlet Day-_0006Pangnirtung Hamlet Day Hamlet Day- SMcMahon 18
The kids are looking at all the fish… the ones on the box are in the running for the smallest, and the ones on the ice are the ‘biggest!’Hamlet Day-_0005Pangnirtung Hamlet Day To end a wonderful day there was an Inuktitut Dance at the Community Centre at 7:30pm!  It was so much fun… I did get up to dance 2 songs.  I left before the end, all that fresh air has made me sleepy!  It was a perfect day, so glad for all the organizers that did the activities! Pangnirtung Hamlet Day


In other news, a fellow Nunavut Bloggers who live in Baker Lake… asked me to do a guest post for their blog “Nunavut Chillers”.  You can find my guest post HERE. Thanks for letting me share a story on your blog. It’s been great getting to “know” you and your story via your blog! 🙂

Have a great week.

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7 thoughts on “Pangnirtung Hamlet Day

  1. Lily

    Thank YOU for your great post and your lovely pictures! Our readers have told us that they really enjoyed learning about a new community and really enjoyed your post! 🙂

  2. Keenan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your ugly fish pics – kinda resembles a lion fish. Hey – thought you were losing your blogging mojo – NOT! I just read 3 posts on 3 different websites all authored by our Sarah. AND your past 2-3 posts on sarahontheroad have been ROCKSTAR! ALSO, digging your Yukon trip site. Guys love maps…so the Yukon tab was right up my alley. Bests!

  3. Lily

    I could spend all day on your blog marveling over your photography skills. The fish pics are amazing!
    You make me want to have a better camera!! (Oh, and skills. I probably need those too, lol!)

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