Weekend Happenings…

One of my questions is how come weekends come and go so fast?  The only thing I can think of is maybe they fly by so fast because they are jam-packed full of fun with friends! Chill'n on the fjord ice

Friday night had me going to a friend’s house to play radio bingo.  Sadly I didn’t win any games…or the jackpot of $10,000! But there were many laughs…and it was such an enjoyable evening.  Radio Bingo

On my walk home about 10ish…the northern lights were out and dancing.  I got home, grabbed my wind pants and camera…and went back out to get a few shots.  These might just be the last of my northern light shots until next fall.  Every night is getting lighter and lighter! Northern lights in Pangnirtungnorthern lite 1 Northern Lights in Pangnirtung

Saturday morning found me walking across the fjord with a group of friends.   It’s about 3 kms to the other side of the fjord which took us just under an hour to walk.  Most of the community left early to head to the Char Fishing Derby..so town was fairly quiet, and the fjord was free of snowmobiles! It was a gorgeous day for a walk.  It was about -7C (with a slight windchill of about -15) but I ended up just walking without my hat, and just my running room jacket! walk across the fjord 1

I have a million photos of this view…and can’t stop myself from taking more.  It’s just so darn beautiful! walk across the fjord 4 Once we reached the other side, we walked just into the pack-ice to find an abandoned snowmobile to sit on and have a snack! walk across the fjord 7My friend and I attempting to get ‘selfies’…
walk across the fjord 8 Just a crack in the pack-ice… walk across the fjord 10 walk across the fjord 11 walk across the fjord 12 On our way home… you can start to see some people from town gathering on the pack ice for another Sculpin Fishing Derby…like the one that happened on Hamlet Day! walk across the fjord 18walk across the fjord

My friends who walked across the ice with me headed home…but I decided to join in with the community to try my luck at fishing for sculpin again!  Within 10 mins of starting… I had one!  Here’s my ugly fish that I caught.
walk across the fjord 20Sadly it wasn’t small enough to win the smallest fish, or big enough to win biggest fish…it was just somewhere in the middle! But kind of fun to say I’ve caught one.
Pangnritung Fjord The only other thing I caught? Was this snail…don’t ask me how I did it…I’m not sure.  (but I think my hook was on the bottom!) walk across the fjord 21It was a great day.  Let me tell you I was tired and slept well! Sunday brought a day of watching a favourite of mine, Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth-BBC version). Oh Mr. Darcy…you had me at hello!

Hope you all had a great weekend…here’s for another great week.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings…

  1. joywalker57

    Great shots of the day. I was bagged when i got home. Kyra said she had a 3 hr nap! I find walking so long on the ice with the grips really tires my legs and feet.

  2. Jean

    Maybe one day I’ll see the northern lights. How warm does it get in the summer up there? Wishing you more great views up there.


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