Hockey Fever…

Tonight I took a walk about 9:40pm to get a shot of the “sunset” for my FMS-Photo-a-Day Challenge.  This is almost a joke right now because the it doesn’t really get dark anymore.  Today the sun rose at 2:50am and set at 21:48…(FYI: this info can be found at Environment Canada’s website!) 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find…but stopped watching the Leaf’s -Boston Game 7, grabbed my camera and headed outside for some fresh air.  (it was pretty windy.. and about -12C tonight as I walked towards the fjord.)

I shot some gorgeous shots of the Pang Pass and the rest of the Pang Fjord! Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 005Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 006Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 007

But right in front of me was a fabulous hockey game… seems like Hockey fever has struck Pang!  (can you see the people in the photo below?)

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 008

There was a big group of people on the ice skating and playing. Here’s a close up of the game in action!  (I almost walked home for my ‘big’ lens..but the wind was too cold, so ended up just coming home and not returning!)

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 001

Seems like anywhere you enjoy a pick-up hockey game…even at 10pm on a Monday evening in the middle of a Fjord!

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 003

By the time I got home, I watched the final OT goal in the Leaf- Boston game… sad to see the Leafs loose, but excited to see what happens in round 2 of the playoffs!


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3 thoughts on “Hockey Fever…

  1. Keenan

    Awesome pics as usual. LOVE the last shot in particular – captures snow, mountains, sunset & the 10pm fjord pick-up game. Nice!

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