Long-weekends Rock!

is has been a fabulous long weekend.  On Saturday I went out with three friends to Iqalujuaq for a day of fun ice fishing! Then Saturday night I had a Game of Thrones Season 3 Marathon with my friend Kaitlin (well only up to episode 6…that’s all I could download before coming back north again!) We ended that about 3am, and the sun was still shining…after some sleep…we got up and watched movies all day long on Sunday!  Today I’ve been working on a sewing project for my Yukon trip…and going to a friend’s house for dinner!  Heaps of fun with friends….but today I wanted to share some photos from my fishing trip on Saturday!

I got up fairly early for a Saturday morning on a long weekend…and walked over to the beach and then out to the edge of the tidal ice to meet everyone else at 8am.  (My friends live in different parts of town and it’s almost ‘impossible’ to get to my house without going over a few dirt roads…so it was easier for me to walk and meet them!)

There were a few slight adjustments before we took off…

Gone Fishin'!!_0001

Our first ‘quick’ break on the trail…time for some homemade muffins and a photo op! Gone Fishin'!!_0002

When we got to the ice…Mike had a ‘surprise’ for us… he had been cooking home-fries and bacon while we were driving!  This was the BEST surprise ever…

Gone Fishin'!!_0003

The lake was pretty full of people fishing…it was a gorgeous day outside!

Gone Fishin'!!_0004

Mary had an awesome day fishing… she caught her first fish!

Gone Fishin'!!_0005

Mike caught the next fish…

Gone Fishin'!!_0006 I am holding a ‘tuq’…and i used it to chip away the ice that had frozen in an old fishing hole.  It took a little bit of effort and muscle! Gone Fishin'!!_0007 Gone Fishin'!!_0008

We decided to go fish somewhere new…so stopped at this spot but the ice was really thin.  You can see Markus and Mike using the tuq to check the depth of the ice.  Usually you hit the ice 2-3x before deciding if it can hold your weight.  You can see that the ice was pretty thin… so we went to a different spot.  Later in the day we returned… (I was on the other side of this spot… and people had skimmed the ice/water and broken up all the ice.)

Gone Fishin'!!_0009

We went to this spot where the ice was a bit thicker…but still had some ‘open’ spots!

Gone Fishin'!!_0010

This was one of the funniest way to fish… lying flat on your tummy… when you can see the lure in the water, and the fish swimming by them.  I saw like 5 HUGE fish swim by…but wasn’t able to get them! Markus and MIke went back over to the ‘open-poor-ice’ area… while Mary and I stayed behind to fish here, and well ummm suntan and chat!

Gone Fishin'!!_0011

Markus showed me how to gut a fish… I have done it before…but practice makes perfect!

Gone Fishin'!!_0012

At about 4:30 or so… we decided to cook up some fish… Mary was so hungry she almost ate it raw!

Gone Fishin'!!_0013 Gone Fishin'!!_0016

Chill’n waiting for the fish to cook… it was so worth it, nothing like fresh cooked fish out on the fishing lake!

Gone Fishin'!!_0015

Just taking random photos of reflections in sunglasses…

Gone Fishin'!!_0017

After enjoying the fresh fish we all decided to go back over to the spot where the ice was thin…

Gone Fishin'!!_0018

Mike and Mary were on one side of this spot… and Markus and I were on the other!  (the first photos with the tuq and checking the thickness of the ice… were taken on the side Mike and Mary were on!) Gone Fishin'!!_0019

Just standing on a piece of thin-ice…

Gone Fishin'!!_0020

It was getting late so we decided it was time to go back and pack up the kamotiks and head for home!

Gone Fishin'!!_0021

A quick stop on the trail home… and a re-adjustment to the kamotik rope!

Gone Fishin'!!_0022 We did stop at “Toblerone” Mountain for a photo op! It was pretty awesome… evening! Gone Fishin'!!_0023 Gone Fishin'!!_0024

On the way home I saw my first Arctic Hare in the wild… and Mike who had been on the hunt all day…was able to shot it! So that means tonight I’m heading over to Mary’s house to have Rabbit Stew… I can’t wait!!!

Gone Fishin'!!_0025

Coming home winding through the tidal ice is always heaps of fun… because of the melting temperatures… there were a few ‘holes’ and cracks between peices of the ice.  Markus maneuvered the machine through it like a champ!

Gone Fishin'!!_0026

I was home just after 9pm at night!!! It was a fantastic day out on the land.  Thanks Markus and Mike for an awesome day, it was great to get out of town and go fishing! Even though I didn’t catch anything, it was still a fabulous way to spend the day!


* Mary took all the photos of me in this post! Thanks so much… 🙂

** reminder for myself to clean the dust off the sensor of my camera before going out and shooting heaps of photos with blue skies! (sorry about  the spots!)

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  1. Hemborgwife

    I love rabbit and am hoping my dad was able to get some this year so I can have some this summer. It may sound crazy but they are really good on nacho’s!

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