May 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

I shouldn’t be amazed but May is over…it went by way too fast!  This month a few of my friends joined in the challenge… thanks Mike, Markus and Conni.  It was great to see your photos you posted in the Facebook group! You inspired me to take new and exciting photos… also to use my SLR more than my iPhone!  Thank you for that!

This month I started sharing my photos not only on instagram…but also through the FMS Photo a Day group on Facebook!  It was great to share photos there and see all the other photos posted.  It was inspiring to see so many moments being captured worldwide…makes the world seem a little smaller when we all were shooting similar topics!


 (Source: Fat Mum Slim) 

Without any more rambling I’ll leave you to my photos for May….

May Photo-a-Day!_0001

Day 1: i bought this!… my little bro, sis-in-law and I surprised my mum with this patio flooring for her balcony…an early Mother’s Day gift! (iPhone)

Day 2: morning ritual… always have breakfast! This isn’t a normal breakfast as I was at my mum’s and choices were different but still delicious! (SLR)

Day 3: This is really good!… My mum had a hip replacement on March 1st.  It was really great to see her OUT and walking in the sunshine!!! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0002

Day 4: In my cup… nada my cup is empty… or it’s totally full of air! (iPhone)

Day 5: paper…the calendar I made for my family this year!  It has all the birthdays for my Gramma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Mum, Brothers, Sister-in-laws and Nephews!!! (made it via shutterfly!) (iPhone)

Day 6: broken… The wing of my plane (Porter) from Toronto to Ottawa had some ‘broken’ or rust spots! (iPhone)

May Photo-a-Day!_0003

Day 7: something beginning with F… flying!  Just taking off from Toronto Island… heading to Ottawa! (iPhone)

Day 8: shape…. Circle!  Taken from the airplane window…while I was stuck on the plane for 2 hours while we were in Kujjuuaq! (SLR)

Day 9: a snack… having snacks with my friend Kim in Yellowknife!!! such a fun day to catch up with her… (iPhone)

May Photo-a-Day!_0004

Day 10: stars…there aren’t any stars we can see in town now… because of the almost 24 sunlight! So this photo is from my archives in 2009! (SLR)

Day 11: a smile…so happy to be back home, after my adventure travelling to Yellowknife and back! (SLR)

Day 12: Mother… Happy Mother’s Day Mum!!! (taken May 2011) (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0005

Day 13: sunrise/sunset… Just after sunset (the sun going behind the mountains) I went for a walk and saw these kids skating on the fjord.  (to see the photo bigger click HERE) (SLR)

Day 14: need…I need[ed] to share with everyone that my first photo was published in a magazine! (SLR)

Day 15: 7 o’clock…just the clock in my living room! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0006

Day 16: mailbox… My mailbox 141- had a huge pile of mail that day, I really should check more than once a day! (SLR)

Day 17: season…the Spring melt is on! Huge puddle in front of the GN building where I work! (SLR)

Day 18: want…I want for this fish to cook!  I was so hungry after fishing all day and enjoying the sun! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0007

Day 19: my favourite view… this shot was taken on the way home from fishing!  It’s of Toblerone Mountain…so good I could eat it! (SLR)

Day 20: light…this was taken off my back porch at midnight! Up, it’s still light out! (iPhone)

Day 21: i care about this… getting to go out on the land with friends for the day! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0008

Day 22: change… love this penny bank!  It was a gag gift from family this Christmas… perfect for loose change! (iPhone)

Day 23: PJs… my fav pjs! (SLR)

Day 24: go…the snow is SLOWLY starting to melt!  Taken on the ‘bridge’ I cross 4x a day on the way to work! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0009

Day 25: Us…it was girls movie night at a friend’s house! Yummy snacks and awesome laughs! (SLR)

Day 26: Fave thing to do on Sunday!…get caught up on Game of Thrones (or any other tv shows…) (iPhone)

Day 27: can’t live without…this view every day on my morning walk to work! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0010

Day 28: what you are doing right now… taken just before bed!  Was getting ready to read a bit… (iPhone)

Day 29: kiss… captures this moment when I visited my friend at the beginning of May. (SLR)

Day 30: tool… an ulu (an inuit tradition woman’s knife) Best knife in my kitchen ever! (SLR)

Day 31: four things… 4 of my shoes just chill’n on a rock outside at midnight! (SLR)


Can you believe JUNE is here tomorrow? I’m getting excited for this month… as I have an EPIC trip to the YUKON planned! (It’s been in the works since January 2012…and it starts in 18days!!!) I fly south on the 8th…so this month will be fun and there will be random pictures from at least 2 different territories and possibly 2 provinces!

So feel free to join me in the challenge… it’s such a fun project!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the other months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

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  1. Brett

    It seems there aren’t that many blogs or other sites strongly connected to the far north of Canada so I’m glad to have stumbled upon your site. I like the way you’ve organized your pictures for the month of May — very clever and makes for an interesting spread.

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