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More of Our Canada

For the last year or so a family friend, Nancy Gillogly, has been after me to submit photos for contests on the “Our Canada” Magazine.  It’s a magazine that is part of the Reader’s Digest family.  Last fall, I finally did submit some photos to a contest…and then promptly forgot about which ones I submitted.  I didn’t win the contest and figured that was the end of that idea.  But I felt like I was able to tell Nancy I submitted a photo!  I think I’m one of the hardest critic on my own photography work. Yes, I do realize that I do take beautiful photos…but then I find myself looking at other photogs…and realizing that I have so much more to learn, grown and be.  Maybe that’s just part of life’s journey…but it’s something I’m working on…actually believing that I can take a decent photo.

Fast forward to today… I have been away for about 3 weeks, and haven’t picked up my mail yet.  So a trip to the post office was in order…and surprisingly I had a few awesome packages that weren’t bills! I had a package from “More of Our Canada”.

More of Our Canada

A few months ago, an editor at “More of Our Canada” contacted me to tell me that even though I didn’t win the photo competition…the magazine was interested in including one of my photos in the story “A Love Affair with the Forest” in their May Edition of the magazine!

More of Our Canada

I was so excited to see one of MY photos in colour and in PRINT!!! Yes, I’ve had photos published via Nunatsiaq News and CBC North BUT never in a magazine.  So pardon my ‘newbie’ excitement!!! 🙂 It’s the photo on the far left of the page…almost a full page spread!

More of Our Canada

I first blogged about my trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge with my friend Ryan last summer.  It was such a fun filled day!  Go check out the other awesome photos and story from that day. 

Here’s the photo one more time…

Trees on a Cliff...

Thank you Nancy for convincing me to submit a photo, without your encouragment I never would have done it and wouldn’t have gotten published in a magazine.

Hockey Fever…

Tonight I took a walk about 9:40pm to get a shot of the “sunset” for my FMS-Photo-a-Day Challenge.  This is almost a joke right now because the it doesn’t really get dark anymore.  Today the sun rose at 2:50am and set at 21:48…(FYI: this info can be found at Environment Canada’s website!) 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find…but stopped watching the Leaf’s -Boston Game 7, grabbed my camera and headed outside for some fresh air.  (it was pretty windy.. and about -12C tonight as I walked towards the fjord.)

I shot some gorgeous shots of the Pang Pass and the rest of the Pang Fjord! Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 005Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 006Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 007

But right in front of me was a fabulous hockey game… seems like Hockey fever has struck Pang!  (can you see the people in the photo below?)

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 008

There was a big group of people on the ice skating and playing. Here’s a close up of the game in action!  (I almost walked home for my ‘big’ lens..but the wind was too cold, so ended up just coming home and not returning!)

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 001

Seems like anywhere you enjoy a pick-up hockey game…even at 10pm on a Monday evening in the middle of a Fjord!

Hockey Night on the Pang Fjord 003

By the time I got home, I watched the final OT goal in the Leaf- Boston game… sad to see the Leafs loose, but excited to see what happens in round 2 of the playoffs!


36 days!!

Holy shit in a brick it’s just over a month until we are all together.  I still can’t believe it.  I drove by a sign the other day for a car show that is happening on June 22nd.  My first thought was “cool that will be a great day to take pictures” which was then quickly followed by “holy shit I’ll be in the Yukon then!”  I’m nervous, I’m excited, and honestly I’m a little scared shitless.  I have never been away from my kids and husband for that long.  This is the first time I have ever done something JUST for me.  Honestly I still haven’t figured out what my contribution to the Raven’s Swag is yet.  I am thinking that I will go in a bit of a different direction, but I am not going into any further details as I want to be a surprise.  I keep thinking of that initial meeting in the airport.  My belly drops and I want to start to cry.  To say it’s going to be epic is the understatement of the year.  I wish there was a way to get the local media there.  It will certainly be news worthy.

Happy Mother’s Day

Here's a photo of four generations of women in my family... my Gramma B, Gramma, Mum and I!  (Taken by my talented cousin the early 1980s!)

Here’s a photo of four generations of women in my family… my Gramma B, Gramma, Mum and I! (Taken by my talented cousin Susan…in the early 1980s!)

Sending heaps of love to my Gramma and Mum so glad I got to spend a bit of time with you last week!

Gramma, Mum and I

This is one of the favourite photos of my Gramma, Mum and I! It was taken May 2011…I think it’s almost time for a new shot!

Have a great day. Love you both today and always… Sarah xoxo


It felt so good to get home this afternoon. When our plane touched down on the runway I was excited to be back in Pang. After a bit of delay it was so great to finally get home! Tonight I went for a walk with a friend. I think it’s going to take a bit of getting adjusted back to the weather up here! But to be honest I couldn’t stop smiling even thought on my walk it was a wee bit cold.Home, Sweet HomeHome, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home_0002

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