Rock-a-Bye Baby

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go visit my friend Lisa and her four beautiful sons! It was great to see her and get my fix of newborn baby cuddles!  These are the best thing ever! Here’s a few photos as a ‘sneak-peak’ for my friend Lisa, hope you enjoy!

Visiting: Lisa

Here are Lisa’s amazing sons… from oldest to youngest.  Her oldest just had a birthday this week.  Her boys are 9, 7, 5 and 3 weeks old!

Visiting: Lisa

The wee little man was very alert for most of my visit.  It was really funny when Lisa and I were doing a mini-photo-shoot he just kept staring at me!  It was an awesome time filled with heaps of great talks, taking lots of fun photos of a cute little baby and just being in the same room as a great friend!  I must admit though for most of my visit I just held the baby he slept, only to give him up to get fed… then take him again!

Visiting: Lisa

Lisa’s one request was not to take any photos of her.  Being the friend that I am…I didn’t really listen and did manage to get a few of my friend.  Lisa might be a wee bit sleep deprived with adjusting to a newborn..and a homeschool mamma for the other 3 boys… years from now I’m sure you’ll be happy I snapped these shots! It’s awesome to have the privilege to seeing my friends now in their roles as mothers…

Visiting: LisaVisiting: Lisa

These photos of all the brothers together were a last minute thing!  I convinced the older brothers it would be a great ‘surprise’ for them to get a photo together for their mom for mother’s day.  Apparently they agreed… so we ‘snuck’ downstairs to capture these shots!  Each big brother took a turn holding their youngest brother…you can tell how much the big brothers adore their baby brother!  I love these photos because each boy’s personalities are shinning through!

Visiting: LisaVisiting: LisaVisiting: Lisa

Just before Lisa drove me back to the Go-Train…I said, wait I didn’t get any shots of me and new baby!  So Lisa grabbed my camera and snapped these awesome shots!  Thank you 🙂

Visiting: Lisa
Thanks Lisa for an awesome afternoon, it was so great to visit and talk in person!  It was great to see you and the boys…thanks for letting me get my fix of newborn cuddles.


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1 thought on “Rock-a-Bye Baby

  1. Lisa Marie

    Thank you Sarah. I LOVE love love your photos. <3 😀 And I'm SO happy that you were able to come snuggle with my little man – who apparently loves you! hehe. 🙂


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