Two Sticks

I think my love affair with 2 sticks of red licorice started with a little help from my Gramma.

Gramma (taken Dec 15, 2012)

My Gramma (taken Dec 15, 2012)

My Gramma use to pack my school lunch from kindergarten until grade 3 or so. Those lunches in my early days of school were so amazing-often having way more food than I could ever imagine eating. Thinking back it could have been because I was a kid, and everything you remember when you were a kid was HUGE…but in reality they were just normal –not that huge to begin with. But I kind of think that they were just in face HUGE lunches!

I always remember opening my lunch box to surprises. Sometimes inside my lunch box was a handwritten note. Sometimes I was surprised by the food choices she had lovingly put inside the lunch box. Like hot-dogs in a thermos (with small jars filled with ketchup and mustard) with the buns in a baggie. Some days it was soup in the thermos or sometimes just a sandwich. Then there was fruit, or cut up veggies and dip. Then dessert- homemade cookies or other yummy things like Rice Krispy squares.

Why am I telling you all about these amazing school lunches? You might be thinking it has nothing to do with red licorice. But that’s the thing, because the last thing Gramma almost always had in our lunch was her secret ingredient to the end of a perfect lunch -2 sticks of Red Licorice.

2 sticks of licorice

As a kid I remember searching her kitchen, pantry and cupboards on the weekend or after school to find the source of the red licorice…but she was a good hider of the licorice and I never found it.

yummy, glorious nibs!

In high school I discovered the ‘cherry’ nib pieces… and then their long licorice pieces. I was in heaven. It is so much better than the ‘strawberry’ red licorice. Who am I kidding? Any type is good… as long as it’s fresh and soft—not hard! Well there is an exception to that… I really detest black licorice. (Yes, I know that’s the “real” licorice…but it makes my stomach turn.)

I got to go visit my Gramma earlier this month. Before I left her house…she gifted me with a present she picked me up from Costco. Can you guess what it was?

BIG box O' licorice

Yep… a HUGE box of RED LICORICE!!! I’m trying to keep it to 2 sticks after lunch…but I might be failing at that. It’s funny how a simple thing like a stick of red licorice brings back so many awesome memories.

Luv you Gramma, thanks for the licorice…see you next month!

*this post was not sponsored by Twizzlers and the opinions are all my own!

(**However, if you are associated with Twizzlers I really do like your product and feel free to mail me some!)

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5 thoughts on “Two Sticks

  1. Kit Carrothers

    Must be genetic! I love red licorice, too, and detest black (actual) licorice. I totally love the hotdog in a thermos idea – hope she patented that one.

  2. Susan

    Sweet, Aunt Barb looks great, and I love licorice. So nice that you are collecting these priceless stories. Reminds me how all of our family remembers how we should have taped my grandfather and great grandfather speaking PA Dutch, and my Grandma Idie;s wonderful potato salad and Angel food cake, that today none of us can make. Cherish the stories

  3. Anoninuk

    Aren’t Twizzlers great? Where I live now – I’m originally from Iqaluit – there aren’t any. But over 2kig!! Like I’d say if I were a kid, ‘Ever lucky!’

  4. Keenan

    Your interjection of humanity into this post was beautiful. LOVED it! Maybe I am reading way too much into things (think was supposed to be about red licorice), but I thought of my Oma – and getting into the giant pretzel jar on her kitchen counter after school. [Aside – no one really likes black licorice…ok I’ve met one person – & that’s probably a fluke 🙂 )


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