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Exploring Faro…

Faro is where Kara and her family live! It’s a great little town.  It’s the Yukon’s Best Kept Secret… it’s been a fun 2 days exploring around this town!

Around Faro...  24


We stopped in and were greeted at the Visitor’s Centre…


Behind the visitor’s centre is a fabulous Art/Craft Centre…. lots of awesome things to buy!  There are some really talented people in Faro that can make awesome things…from paintings, photography prints, knitted blankets, soap and wooden containers and so much more! Kara also has some of her fur hats and mittens on sale there too! Around-Faro...-5-624x834

Our tour of Faro Part 1 was done via ATV…


The Mine in Faro shut down in the late 90s…so there are lots of abandoned houses and buildings around town…slowly the town is working on a plan to help fix this problem! Around-Faro...-9

The store was pretty cute… fairly tiny… we had fun walking around… and I was so excited when I saw TIM TAMS!!! I hadn’t had those since I was living in Australia 9 years ago!!! So I bought me a pack of those… of all places in Canada had to find them in Faro! (pretty darn cool!) Around-Faro...-10-624x785After the boys went to bed and Matt got back from Whitehorse we jumped in the truck to head up to the Mt. Mye Sheep Centre to look for Sheep… we didn’t spot any but it was so nice and peaceful up there! Around-Faro...-19Around-Faro...-21Around-Faro...-23

We took the opportunity to go check out the old Mine… it’s currently in a decommissioning process…lots of rocks that were moved (in the top photo)… and a shot of the tailing pools in the middle… with the buildings at the bottom!  Lots of stuff to clean up…. Around Faro...  28

Our second day in Faro I got up early to join Kara and her family  while Jen shot some family photos… I did a few shots as well!  Kara's Family 1Kara's Family 2Kara's Family 3Thanks so much Kara, Matt, Hunter and Cavan for opening up your home and letting us stay for the past few days… it’s been a great time!

Today we are on our way to Skagway, Alaska…I wonder if they are ready for the remaining Ravens!

(Not sure when the next update will be as I’m not sure when we will have WiFi Access next.. but have no fear the remaining Ravens will be having a blast wherever we are! )


Wordless Wednesday XXXVIII: Keno Hill, Yukon

Keno City, Yukon

(Photo by Jennifer)

…just finished my 1st week in the Yukon, can’t wait for the next one…we are heading to Alaska!

…check out my adventures with photos at Indigo’s Ravens!!!

On the Road: Mayo to Faro…

After the Yummy Breakfast that the Mayo Marathon put on…we got into our vehicles and high-tailed it out of Mayo to Faro!

Kennie and I made a few ‘side-stops’…we totally had fun stopping in on the Yukon River near Minto…it was a pretty nice spot along the river.

On-the-Road-to-Faro-1 On-the-Road-to-Faro-2 On-the-Road-to-Faro-4

We surprised Kara and the others when we passed them…because they figured we were way ahead of them! After a stop at Carmacks for onion rings and milkshakes we headed back on the road to Faro.


There is such amazing views along EVERY road in the Yukon!



On-the-Road-to-Faro-7 On-the-Road-to-Faro-8

We went into the Drury Creek Campground… then headed to Little Salmon Lake!  Had to put my feet in some COLD Yukon water!



After 3 times in and out… I had numbed my feet enough to be able to stand in the water for this photo!


…We then made it to Faro!  Had to stop at the BIG haul truck for a photo… and the Faro sign!

On-the-Road-to-Faro-13 On-the-Road-to-Faro-14


Our last ‘full’ group picture together… Kennie headed to Ross later that night to finish packing and then head across Canada!  Tina headed to Whitehorse to fly back home the following day…. but don’t worry, there are still 3 of us left on this crazy adventure and I’m sure we will have some stories to share!

Have you Seen these Ladies?





bearded-ladies...-5 bearded-ladies...-2 bearded-ladies...-4 bearded-ladies...-1 bearded-ladies...-3

Not Cool Solstice Campers, not cool…

not cool--not cool

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