Skagway to Haines

…after the train got back to Skagway we went out for lunch and some Birthday drinks for Jen!


Then we wandered in Skagway and did some shopping… did you know that there are crazy amounts of jewellery stores in Skagway? it was like every other store was one!  Who would have thought?


We got to the Ferry and checked in early.. so had to wait a bit…before we got onto the ferry.  It might have been one of the slowest ferry loadings ever…because of the process of getting the cars/trucks/campers and trailers all into the right spots on the ferry!


We just had a short ride of about an hour over to Haines, Alaska.  It was a fun just to wander and take photos for an hour!  The weather was a bit rainy and cloudy…but this just added to the fun of taking photos. Skagway-16Skagway-18Skagway-21Skagway-24Skagway-26Skagway-27Skagway-29

Arriving at the Haines ferry dock…so much fun! Skagway-32

…to be continued…

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