White Skies…

Yesterday as my Facebook Status I stated I was tired of seeing the white skies… I asked where the blue skies and sun where.  Heaps of my friends responded to let me know that the sun was in Yellowknife, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Melbourne.  Sadly that hasn’t helped my lack of sun in Pang, but did make me smile knowing that friends and family around the globe had sun.

white skies 101

The thing is for the past 2 weeks we haven’t had blue skies…everything in the sky has been white.

white skies 101

There is close to 24-hr daylight…it doesn’t really get dark anymore.  It’s amazing how even though it’s daylight the lack of blue skies affects your mood! Seriously, it makes you feel so blah! Perhaps it’s been the odd snowflakes that have been happening here and there too… but I’m ready for winter to be over!

white skies 101 white skies 101

The temperature has been hovering around zero… but with the wind it’s more like -5 to -8.  I’m starting to look forward to the heat of the south…even though that too drives me crazy!white skies 101

Here’s hoping that there’s blue skies in the forecast…because I’ve had enough of this white sky stuff.  I suppose I need to get my ‘blah’ self into the swing of things… I have only 5 more sleeps until I leave town for holidays.  I guess I should get around to unpacking my suitcase from my last trip...so I can start packing it for this trip.

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4 thoughts on “White Skies…

  1. Tara

    So many pics to remind me of my first year in the north! Hope the sun peeks out soon for you…and have a kick-butt holiday!!!


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