On the Other Side of the Fjord…

Today I went over to the other side of the Fjord for a hike. The original plans were to camp…but the weather reports for tomorrow weren’t great, so we decided to make it just a day trip!

Saturday Walk....  35

It was low tide when we were dropped off… so that meant we were dropped off at the edge of the tidal plane….and had a bit of a walk/wade through water to shore before the tide came up!
Saturday Walk....  3

There was a fabulous beach were we were dropped off…. it’s amazing that 1/2 the time this is many feet under the water! Saturday Walk....  5 Saturday Walk....  7Saturday Walk....  6Saturday Walk....  8

…so when we figured that the water wouldn’t go down anymore with the tide, we took off our socks and shoes…rolled up our pants…and walked across the FRIGID water. The first few steps were horrible, I’m not going to lie… but after a bit my feet/legs were numb…and the water seems strangely warm! Saturday Walk....  9

The walk was worth the view! Saturday Walk....  13

These photos show a progression as the tide is coming in… Saturday Walk....  14



mmmm Labrador Tea…smells so good. The tundra was filled with this flower (plus others) and it smelt so good! Saturday Walk....  15

We all walked over to check out the Kuulik River…it was rushing and a welcome sound!

Saturday Walk....  17 Saturday Walk....  22

We headed back to where we dropped our bags… and had a bit of a lunch feast… because we thought we were camping overnight… we had a smorgish board of food to choose from! Saturday Walk....  23

After lunch we took a bit of a hike up the hill/mountain on the right of the Kulik River. Saturday Walk....  28

Just wanted to show the perspective of how small the flowers really are in the photo below where Pangnirtung is in the distance on the other side of the fjord. Saturday Walk....  21

My friends were ambitious and I took my time heading up the hill… I stopped and enjoyed the views from this rock for awhile…I might have also had a bit of a snooze…Saturday Walk....  33

After my break I continued up the hill to join my friends… again! My one friend had been here hiking 2 weeks ago…and lost her camera on the way down the hill…so we spent time looking for it. We had both come down different routes… and didn’t see it… but our 3rd friend FOUND IT! That was almost like finding a needle in a haystack… such crazy awesome luck! This happened literally 30mins before we got back on the boat!
Saturday Walk....  39 Saturday Walk....  40

It was an awesome day… I would love to go back and camp there overnight at some point! BUT I think I’ll make sure we get dropped off at high tide…then the boat can drop us right at the shore! It was an awesome day…spent with great friends, thanks for the invite!

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4 thoughts on “On the Other Side of the Fjord…

      1. Keenan

        Super tempting – hope to head up North in 2014. Have only committed to a buffalo roundup in South Dakota next September (2014). No other travel commitments thus far (for 2014) — still have Yosemite & Iceland trips ahead for 2013 🙂 Crazy, fun life.

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