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Marking the Date…

Tonight I realized that two years today I arrived back in Pangnirtung!  (In the last 4 years and 4months I have lived in Pang for a total of 2 years and 10months…but had a break of 18months in Winnipeg after the first 10months!)


It’s funny how fast time goes… it just seems like yesterday I arrived back in Pang.  I feel so blessed to live in a community that’s so gorgeous…filled with awesome people and surrounded by such amazing beauty!

Here’s looking forward to the coming year I can’t wait to see what it has to bring!   I must say though it’s good to be home. I arrived back on Monday after an amazing holiday. My trip to the Yukon and time in Ontario with family and friends…so many laughs and awesome rest!   This weekend I have plans to go camping with friends… the weather is awesome here…I’m glad I escaped the heat of the south because if I was down there right now I’d not be a happy camper.  I struggled when it was 30-35C with the humidity.  Pang has the perfect summer weather it’s been sunny and between 10-15C all week—PERFECT SUMMER WEATHER!

I do have to update you on my holiday happenings… but I’ll have to save that for later because now it’s time for bed!

Wordless Wednesday XL: Feet + Rocks

Feet & Rocks

Taken in Haines, Alaska

Happy Nunavut Day

 Wishing all my friends a very happy Nunavut Day!

Nunavut DayNunavut Day (3)

I’m sad to be missing out on the community games…but looking forward to coming home next week!

Enjoy the day… and have fun at the games in Pang!

A Cup of Tea…

Yesterday I went to my Gramma and her husband Bart’s house with my mum for a visit.  We brought some cupcakes and my Gramma put on the kettle for my mum and I to have some tea.  My Gramma doesn’t drink tea or coffee…never has and never will! But we had fun talking and catching up.  I have had this story written and saved in an unpublished post for almost 6 weeks. On the drive back I remembered the story and decided it might be time to hit publish! Without any further talk…here’s the little story!


Tea Party  4

 Growing up I likes to hang out with their mum and her friends.  My kid-logic told me this: my mum’s friends were also my friends so that means I should just be allowed to hang out with her friend’s when they came over to visit.  Looking back on this as an adult I can totally relate to my mum and her friends in the situation…and how they must have found it annoying having a kid wanting to hang out when they just wanted to talk about grown-up stuff.  Isn’t time and perspective a wonderful gift?

Normally when my mum’s friends would come over they would stay in the kitchen and have a cup of tea.  It was these “secret” tea parties I craved to be a part of.  Usually mum would have some kind of ‘special’ cookies my brothers and I couldn’t have but they were for company.  As a kid, I remember thinking this isn’t fair… mum’s friends, especially Barb, were also my friends…couldn’t understand why she made me leave.  I never really left fast enough so I remember one day my mum started a rule one.  I’m not really sure how it came about…or how long it was enacted…or maybe this is just a figment of my imagination. (I’ve asked my mum and she laughed, she doesn’t remember this rule…but said it could be entirely possible that it did happen!)

That day that I thought my life would change because I could stay in the kitchen for the ‘secret’ adult tea party was because of this one rule.  So what is this rule? Here it is:

“You can stay at the table if: you don’t say anything AND you drink a cup of tea.”

I remember agreeing to this rule, thinking tea couldn’t be so bad…after all mum and her friends liked it! I think this decision shocked my mum.  (My littler brother was also had this ‘rule’ enforced on him but he took off and decided not to try tea).

Tea Party  3

My mum poured me a strong cup of tea—no milk or sugar was added.  I still remember that taste!  It was so gross…I really didn’t understand how they could drink that stuff. Tea to me at probably age 9 was the most disgusting thing ever!  So I left the table, there was no “secret” adult tea party for me that day!!

Tea Party  1

A few weeks later I had the opportunity to have a cup of tea. This time however, I decided I NEEDED to stay at the table no matter what.  I still remember that bitter taste of too strong tea with no milk or sugar.  However, somehow I keep quietly sipping away at the table listening into the ‘secret’ kitchen tea party conversation.   I was so excited I got to stay at the table the whole time, but quickly realized that it wasn’t as much fun as I had envisioned what these ‘secret’ kitchen tea parties to be. There were stories, but I didn’t really get the point of them, and I couldn’t talk or share any or my stories.  So I think that was the first and very last  kitchen tea party I went to!  Honestly, I don’t think I drank tea again until I was in University where I discovered the joys of tea with milk & sugar.

To this day…I can say I love a good cup of tea.  Now if you ask me about coffee that’s a whole other story. (Coffee something I still don’t like and I’ve never really had a cup of it in my life… other than in coffee crisp chocolate bars or random coffee cakes but it’s really not my cup of choice!) Tea on the other hand is a great beverage.  It’s not something that I must have every day, and in actual fact don’t drink it every day…but when I do it’s so good. It’s even better when shared with friends.

If I would have to tell you my favourite type of tea it would have to be English breakfast or Lady Grey—Twinnings of course! But when I am in the land of Starbucks aka the south… Chai Lattes are my thing!But I can drink pretty much any type of tea now…I have grown to like my tea black, with sugar or honey and milk… I like to keep my options open!

Thanks mum for giving me this ‘rule’ and letting me sit through a “secret” kitchen tea party. Hope you have a great day at work today!

June 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Here’s my Photo-Update just a bit late… June flew by for me… I spent most of the month down south…and the last 2 weeks of June travelling in the Yukon Territory!  It was pretty awesome to be able to see so many different things and have great conversations with friends.  It also meant that I had limited access to the internets…it was nice to ‘unplug’ for a bit!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim) 

Today I caught up and posted my last 4 photos… without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! (I must admit that some of the photos were taken on days other than the ones posted…it just happened with travelling so much!)

June Photo-a-Day 1

Day 1. B is for… Balancing Bear on one foot!  This is a picture of one of my dancing polar bears that was made in Nunavut. (SLR)

Day 2. a moment… when I’m just finishing the last stitches on my sewing project!  (SLR)

Day 3. on my table…2 sticks of red licorice! (SLR)

June Photo-a-Day 4

Day 4. after dark…I brush my teeth after dark!

Day 5. environment…Home, Sweet, Pangnirtung!

Day 6. transport…Morning flight coming in as I walk to work…

June Photo-a-Day 7

Day 7. bright…the sun is out and it’s bright!

Day 8. an animal…Taken last summer in Haliburton…Gus on the Beach!

Day 9. from down low…a shot from my friends family shoot in Iqaluit before I flew to Ottawa!

June Photo-a-Day 10

Day 10. you!… first days of holidays, chill’n on my mum’s couch.

Day 11. something funny…Saw this sign in Keno, Yukon…thought it was funny!

Day 12. 11 o’clock… My group of friends crossed the finish line of our 5km part of the Mayo Marathon just after 11pm!

June Photo-a-Day 13

Day 13. kitchen… my brother’s kitchen…

Day 14. texture… side of a building in Dawson City, Yukon

Day 15. from above…Looking down from my brother’s balcony in Toronto, Ontario

June Photo-a-Day 16

Day 16. family…Family portrait taken July 2012.

Day 17. centred…Centre of the Dodge Ram bumper…lots of bugs on it!

Day 18. street…Just looking down the road in the Yukon- making sure the 2nd vehicle in our caravan was still back there!

June Photo-a-Day 19

Day 19. currently reading…Yukon Travel magazines and the history of the Sour Toe!

Day 20. cute…Prince Naveen enjoys some bannock!

Day 21. lunchtime…Kara made yummy homemade turkey soup!

June Photo-a-Day 22

Day 22. enjoying life…Loving my trip in the Yukon… jumping for joy at Keno Hill, Yukon.

Day 23. last…Group shot with all of the Ravens… Kennie and Tina headed home the next day!

Day 24. negative space…Just a random sign from Dawson City!

June Photo-a-Day 25

Day 25. sharp…just a few sharp things that were on Kara’s desk!

Day 26. empty…it’s a sad day when the Chai Latte was all done!

Day 27. into the sun…There was no sun this day…except fog and mist… but was a gorgeous day in Haines, Alaska!

June Photo-a-Day 28

Day 28. red…Big Wagon Wheel at the museum in Whitehorse!

Day 29. in my bag…I’ve been living out of this bag for the last 2 weeks camping & travelling…

Day 30. handwriting… Just a list of random quotes from our trip around the Yukon!


That wraps up 6 months of taking a photo every single day!  That’s 181 photos down…only 184 to go! I’m half-way on this project and still going strong.  I might just make it to 365 Photos after all!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the first 5 months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

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