Hello, Sunset!

Last night was a gorgeous sunset here in Pang!

sunset in Pangnirtung

Last night after talking with my mum, I just happened to look out my bedroom window at the right time to catch it.  I grabbed my camera and stood on my back porch to snap these two shots.  I knew if I walked to a new view I’d probably miss it totally!

sunset in Pangnirtung

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7 thoughts on “Hello, Sunset!

  1. joywalker57

    It was a spectacular evening. I was trying to cook dinner and everytime I walked by my kitchen window that sunset grabbed my attention. I kept getting drawn back to the stove but finally I went out and climbed up on some rocks for a couple of shots myself. Then I went inside and pulled a chair up to the window, drew back the curtains and just looked. It kept getting redder and redder. It was a beauty.

  2. Claire Duffy

    Oh that is spectacular – I can’t really think of a clever comment, I’m just staring.

    I’m also jealous, I lived in Vancouver for a while, and Nunavut was always on my list to visit, but it never happened. One day!


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