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I totally have decided to self-proclaim that I’m Debs & Errol’s most northern fan in the world!  My friend Errol is the guy part of this geek duo…they do a daily comic and a lot of fun parody’s and original songs.  Earlier this year..they started an Indiegogo Campagin to raise some extra funds to record a proper CD.  My reward for supporting this awesome duo? (well other than laughing at their jokes…or maybe not laughing because I don’t quite get them…) was an awesome Debs & Errol T-shirt… and hand-knit by Debs… Totoro Music Shaker!  (Errol was also knitting these too!)

Debs & Errol Tshirt In Pangnirtung, NunavutDebs and Errol

{Source: Debs & Errol}
Debs & Errol tshirt in Pangnirtung

One of my favourite songs…is actually about a Narwhal…if you want to go listen to it you can find it HERE.  Everyone should have a Pet Narwhal…though I do think it’s yummy to eat!

Debs & Errol  made me a comic!

Debs & Errol made me a comic… and it ROCKS!

So I encourage all of you readers to go check out their Facebook Page… and/or website!!  Thanks again Debs and Errol for the t-shirt…from your most-northern-fan…catch you next time I’m in Toronto!

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