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Hello from Arctic Bay!

This week travel for work has brought me to Arctic Bay.  This is my second visit to Arctic Bay–my first trip was the last week of September in 2009!  In 2009 the airport at Arctic Bay wasn’t open…so all airplanes landed at the Nanisivik Aiport…but this trip I landed in the Arctic Bay airport.  This was after my 1 hour flight from Pang to Iqaluit and then about a 2 1/2 hour layover in Iqaluit which is awesome for people watching!  Then just over a 2 1/2 hour flight up to Arctic Bay…both flights were full!  Nothing like a day of travel…

Arctic Bay..._0002

The views as we were coming in for landing were gorgeous… the cliffs covered with fresh snow…just stunning.

Arctic Bay..._0001

Hello and welcome to Arctic Bay!

Arctic Bay..._0003

Today walking through town I snapped a few shots…it wasn’t too cold as there wasn’t any wind…but by evening it was darn chilly!  Summer is definitely over up here.

Arctic Bay..._0004 Arctic Bay..._0005

In 2009 on my first visit I met Geela… she took me on a quad ride over to Victor Bay!  We have met a few more times over the years I’ve lived in Nunavut…at conferences!  Tonight she asked me if I wanted to go for another quad ride…so she picked me up after dinner and off we went.  This time we went in a different direction out of town…but the scenery was stunning, I don’t think there is any place around here that would be considered ugly…!

Arctic Bay..._0006 Arctic Bay..._0007 Arctic Bay..._0008 Arctic Bay..._0012

You can see Arctic Bay in the distance in the photo above…

Arctic Bay..._0011Arctic Bay..._0010 Arctic Bay..._0009Geela thanks for showing me a bit more of Arctic Bay.  The quad ride was awesome, (even it was a wee bit cold!) So glad we could have tea/coffee afterwards to warm up!  I can’t wait to see where and when it will be the next time our paths cross!  Thanks for the lovely visit in Arctic Bay!

A Walk in the Park: Auyuittuq National Park

It’s been a dream of mine to do a ‘hike’ in Akshayuk Pass which is located in Auyuittuq National Park  I have seen other peoples awesome photos from the park in the summer and fall…and finally now I have some of my own to share!

Auyuittuq National Park_0011

Ulu Peak is the peak with the flat side and curved on the other side…

The Park is only around an hour boat ride from Pang…and I’ve been twice in the spring, and once in the summer just to the entrance to drop off and pick up people from hikes! Which considering the combined time I’ve lived in Pang is almost 3 years…is not a lot of visits.

A few weeks ago someone from the Parks Canada office dropped off a flyer about a special package for visiting the park.  Parks Canada have arranged with an outfitter for transport as well as providing a Parks staff to do a guided trip up to Ulu Peak.  This is a special deal for Saturdays in September and October (as long as there is interest).  This was the extra push for me to actually do it!  This is because I didn’t have to arrange for the outfitter, and find friends to go… and then do the hike alone–unguided.  So having this package made me feel a bit easier about venturing out into the Park…as it is a pretty awesome spot, but also pretty isolated.

I talked with some friends…and two other people decided that they would come.  So off we went to the Parks Office early on Saturday morning to fill in paperwork and then meet our outfitter to take us to the park! On the way there we passed an iceberg that has floated into the Fjord from Cumberland Sound.

Auyuittuq National Park_0001

Just after we got dropped off…I managed to get a wet sock coming off the boat…BUT changed my sock and my new hiking boots stayed dry! Elaine and Rachelle were also very excited to be walking in the Park today.  The forecast was 60% chance of rain…but we were so lucky…it only rained 15mins before the boat at the end of the day came to pick us up!  Auyuittuq National Park_0002

Because we had to leave a bit earlier (because our outfitter had another trip planned…so we went before that trip)…our orientation happened after we were dropped off at the Park… Delia was an amazing guide.  She provided so much information about the Park…it was such an awesome addition to our trip. The other amazing bonus was her experience in hiking expeditions…as a relatively new hiker…there’s a lot to learn about safety..and what to bring or not bring.  Having an experienced guide…helped ease my fears about hiking in this remote place.

Delia also brought her dog with us for the day…in the photo below you can see the dog leash.  I just wanted to point that out that her dog was on a leash all day..and a welcome addition to our hike, some of my photos it’s hard to see the leash…but all dogs in National Parks have to be on a leash!  Auyuittuq National Park_0003

The fresh snow on the top of the Mountains was so gorgeous… the tops of the mountains were covered in clouds, but as we walked it was like there was a bubble around us and the peaks came out of the clouds for a few moments all around us! Auyuittuq National Park_0004

Just a walk on the beach! Auyuittuq National Park_0005 Auyuittuq National Park_0007

It was such a gorgeous walk…and I had to stop periodically just to take it all in. Auyuittuq National Park_0008

We made it to the emergency cabin at Ulu Peak…our destination for the day!  It surprised me because I thought we would have to walk much further.  So it was a happy surprise to see the cabin! Auyuittuq National Park_0009

It was about 11ish when we made it to the cabin… it was great to stop and have a snack! We also took some time to look through the “guest book” in the cabin…great stories from hikers…lots of fun sketches!  This was the first hike of mine in my ‘new’ hiking boots…so I ended up having to bandage a small blister!  But all in all…only ended up with that one blister on my feet…
Auyuittuq National Park_0010

Because it was so early in the day we decided as a group to keep walking a bit further into the park.  We walked until about 12:30…then found a spot to stop and have lunch.  We found a bit rock to help block the wind…(the wind so far on the trip was at our backs….) Then we turned around and started our hike back to the entrance of the Park. Auyuittuq National Park_0012 Auyuittuq National Park_0013 Auyuittuq National Park_0015 Auyuittuq National Park_0016

One last ‘group’ shot in front of Ulu Peak…thanks Delia for taking this shot! Auyuittuq National Park_0017

Delia, Rachelle and Elaine thanks for the awesome company on our hike~ it was great to get to know you all a bit better as we walked. Auyuittuq National Park_0018

In August I got myself a ‘fit-bit’ it’s a pedometer that’s kind of crazy tripped out. When I got home I synced it to my computer and found out that I had walked 35,571 steps!!!! It was a crazy awesome day… but way over my ‘normal’ step count per day! I guess that’s why I’m a wee bit sore…
Auyuittuq National Park_0020

Totally worth the sore legs and 2 small blisters on my feet for a glorious day walking in the Park… Thanks again ladies for an awesome day!

(PS. this was my 500th post on the blog!…wow, can’t believe I have hit that milestone…)

Wordless Wednesday XLIV: Backyard Views…

Backyard Views

Berry Picking 101

Tonight after work I went berry picking.  There were lot of other people out looking for berries too! I must admit my first thought when I got home from work was just to chill on the couch…I had excuses in my head for bailing but then decided none of them seemed good enough.  So off I headed out in the awesome sun (as it was getting ready to set) Mary and I hiked our way up Mt. Duval a little ways until we could find the berry patches.Berry Picking 101...

I am not much of a berry picker…but am always happy to find my first one! Berry Picking 101

The tundra is really starting to change and the fall colours are coming out.  The tundra is so pretty in the fall…full of yellows and reds! Berry Picking 101 Can you spot the berries? Berry Picking 101 Berry Picking 101 Berry Picking 101A sealift boat in the fjord! Berry Picking 101 Just before I finished picking for the night…I ended up dumping my bucket… and most of the berries ended up on the ground! It wasn’t quite my fault, the wind picked up my container and dumped it.  So I had to ‘re-pick’ them off the tundra…and try not to get pieces of the tundra in my bucket.  Not so successful on that! So lesson learned? put your berries in a ziplock periodically so you don’t loose the whole stash… and/or always keep the berry bucket in one hand…never leave it sitting on the tundra where a wind could dump it! Berry Picking 101

Thanks Mary for an awesome night…so much better than sitting on the couch watchin’ tv!

August 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Well the month of August is done…summer is over! Lately the weather up here is feeling more and more like fall or even winter.  On the walk to church this morning it was sunny…but a cold wind, but the end of the service it seemed about 100% colder.   Here’s another wrap up of photos from this month.  I’ve done 8 months now…only 4 to go left in this project.  At times this month I got a wee bit behind but managed to catch up…after all can’t stop the challenge when I’m so far into it.


(Source: Fat Mum Slim)

Without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! Some of my photos were taken with my Canon 50D and some were taken with my iPhone 3GS!

August Photo-a-Day_0001

Day 1: something that begins with N… I was visiting my friend in Iqaluit and her daughter was painting her nails with a french manicure kit!

Day 2: incomplete… All the pieces for a sweater that I had knit…just needed to sew them together!  Was working on the hat (which is on the knitting needles.)

Day 3: skyline… just the skyline of the Pangnirtung Fjord!

August Photo-a-Day_0011


Day 4: fresh… homemade bread that’s fresh out of the bread maker smells so good!

Day 5: early… taken on an early walk down at the beach.

Day 6: this means a lot to me… Having friends over and sharing a meal means a lot to me. It was a fun night making pizzas.  August Photo-a-Day_0003

Day 7: sign… just a bilingual sign in town.  (Inuktitut and English!)

Day 8: peek-a-boo! Taken by a friend…it’s me playing peek-a-boo by looking through some of the Baleen from a Bowhead Whale. The hunters returned from a successful hunt this day!

Day 9: 2 o’clock… just stopped to look out my window at work…glad that it stopped raining!

August Photo-a-Day_0004

Day 10: beverage… mmmm crystal lite!

Day 11: i love doing this… It’s always a good day when I can chill in bed and read a good book!

Day 12: macro… Here’s a shot of an Arctic Poppy…they are very tiny flowers! (no filters were added to this photo…)

August Photo-a-Day_0005

Day 13: fast… these kids were going super-fast chasing each other and even kicked up some dust!

Day 14: trash… just a shot of the dump.  The wind often takes the garbage out of the fenced in area and spreads the trash over the tundra.

Day 15: the best… This is a view that I’ll never grow tired of and I do think it’s one of the best!

August Photo-a-Day_0006

Day 16: cooking… “I cook to live, I don’t live to cook!” Have I mentioned how much I hate that there’s no take-away here?

Day 17: exercise… Today’s exercise was a walk to the store to get some groceries!

Day 18: someone you spoke to today… Spent over an hour talking with my little-bro and sister-in-law on the phone today! It means a lot to talk to family and friends on the phone! 🙂

August Photo-a-Day_0007

Day 19: lost… lost or should I just say forgotten? Left my keys at work today…but for a moment I thought I had lost them!  Luckily it’s only a 5min walk from work and my neighbour had keys for my work building.  But it wasn’t the best ending to the day after having worked overtime that day!

Day 20: stairs… Just a shot of the stairs that are at the side of my work building.  Love how the shadows play in this photo!

Day 21: slow… Blurry photos happen when you have your shutter speed set too slow and the action is too fast!

August Photo-a-Day_0008

Day 22: a room… Just a shot of my comfy living room!

Day 23: yellow… My pirate rubber duckies…a gift from a really great friend!

Day 24: in the background… friends walk ahead on the trail and fade into the background as they look for more berries!

August Photo-a-Day_0009

Day 25: culture… Here a little girl shows some Inuit culture with what she’s wearing! A pair of Kamiks (seal skin boots) on her feet… and her amouti (women’s parka) is a way for women to carry babies on their back…but here this girl is carrying one of her baby dolls!

Day 26: entrance… Just the entrance to my house!

Day 27: 10 minutes from home… This was taken at the back of my friend’s house…just a short 10min walk from my house!  (My house can be seen in this photo too!)

August Photo-a-Day_0010

Day 28: corridor… Every day on my way to work I walk through this “corridor” of sea-cans!

Day 29: lucky… I’m lucky to have good friends that like to get together for sushi making dinner parties!!

Day 30: cluttered… This is my cluttered craft shelves… I need to do some organization.

Day 31: dangerous… Some people might think riding in the back of a pick-up truck is dangerous…but I think it’s an ok choice if you don’t want to walk!


So September is here…who’s going to join me in snapping a few photos this month? Here’s the list… let me know where you post your photos so I can follow along your snaps!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the first 7 months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

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