Pangnirtung’s Small Craft Harbour-Officially Opened!

Four years ago last August I stood outside the Pangnirtung Community Centre and listened to our Prime Minister announce funds to build a Small Craft Harbour.  At the time I was 1/2 way through my 10month contract and never expected to see what the Harbour would look like!  Well it’s a good thing I’m not a betting woman or I would have lost a bunch of money.  This morning I stood outside of the Community Centre for the official opening of Pangnirtung’s Small Craft Harbour.

Pangnirtung's Small Craft Harbour 6

The construction included: construction of a fixed wharf, breakwater, marshalling area, sealift ramp and a dredged channel and basin.  This was necessary because at low tide in 2009 most of the boats sat on the bottom of the harbour–but now because of the dredging hunters can access their boats and leave the community at any time!  The Small Craft Harbour will also allow for larger fishing vessels to dock and unload their catches to be processed in our fish plant.

Pangnirtung's Small Craft Harbour 1

This is the first Small Craft Harbour in Canada’s Arctic…

Pangnirtung's Small Craft Harbour 4

(left to right) MP Larry Miller, Mayor Sakiasie Sowdluapik, Minister Leona Aglukkaq, Minister Gail Shea and Premier Eva Aariak

Here’s the new plaque. Pangnirtung's Small Craft Harbour 5

Some of the smallest members of the community came out for the opening. Pangnirtung's Small Craft Harbour 2

Tonight there was a community feast at the Hamlet Centre to celebrate.  I didn’t go…since returning from Arctic Bay I have been fighting an awful cold…so decided to stay home and continue to get better!

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