Last night the lights did come out to dance in the darkness. It wasn’t a grand of show as the previous night…but still pretty impressive!

Northern Lights Northern Lights  This is one of my favourites from the night! Northern Lights

At the end of the my time outside I took a few selfies… standing looking at the lights! (Side Note: I couldn’t decide what photo to share–that’s why you are getting to see all 3!  It was because the lights coming over Mt. Duval looked so different in each shot!)

Northern Lights

I spent just over an hour outside snapping photos and just standing there looking up as the lights danced.  A friend on Facebook last night commented… “Beautiful…the gift of the darkness!” I have to agree seeing the northern lights return and dance in the dark make the dark cold days a bit more bearable!

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5 thoughts on “Encore…

        1. Sarah on the Road Post author

          …that might be a good idea until you get you to the point you don’t care who is watching you! Today I took those leaves photos…stopped my mum’s car on a random street… put my timer on and stood in front of the camera! after spending about 10mins taking photos…I realized there was a guy smoking on the front porch of a house across the street- he was totally laughing at me.. but I didn’t care that much!


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