My Salia Doll…

Remember when I blogged about the coolest doll ever made by Maplelea Girls back in the fall of 2011? You don’t…well go on…CLICK HERE to read about it, I’ll wait.

Saila Doll

Hi, welcome back…so the fall of 2011 I decided to order a Pang Hat and the Amoutiq for the Salia doll. I didn’t order the doll, but ordered her clothes, not sure what I was thinking…but that’s what I did!  (I think it was a ‘mad-online-shoping-spree’ that often happen when the days get shorter and it’s dark outside all the time!) But I didn’t have the doll…

My gramma for Christmas 2012 gave me the funds so I was able to order a Salia Doll for my very own! She loves dolls and always looks to give me gifts that are unique…so it was a perfect fit!

One of my Favourite most 'recent' photos of Gramma and I... (May 2011)

One of my Favourite most ‘recent’ photos of Gramma and I… (May 2011)

I ordered my doll at the beginning of February.  (I got back mid-Janurary and then had some ‘travel’ for work…so waited to order it until I knew I’d be back in Pang to pick it up from the post office…) It arrived March 1st, 2013…it had such pretty packaging!

...what's inside of the box?

A few weeks later on March 31st…I took Salia out into the back yard to take a few photos.  She’s so much prettier in person!  The only thing I need for her is a “real” pair of kamiks.  Her kamiks just don’t look right…so I think I’m going to ask around and see if I can find someone to make me a pair that will fit her…and buy them!
Saila Doll outside in my backyard in PangnirtungMe and my doll!

I was such a happy girl…thanks so much Gramma for my Salia doll!  I can’t wait for you to see her in person to


FYI:  this post was written a long time ago, and never published.  (I think I never scheduled it to post, oops!) I suppose it’s never too late to post something right? I suppose Christmas is also coming…and Maplelea Girls are such a beautiful doll so it would be a perfect gift, young or old! Maplelea Girls have given me NOTHING for this blog post…all opinions are my own!

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