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A few weeks ago when I posted my FMS Photo a Day summary for October… Lily from Nunavut Chillers asked me how I got the photos into the ‘cute little boxed’ format.  She hasn’t been the first person that’s asked me.  This past summer when I was hanging out with a friend that’s also a blogger and photographer she was astonished about how many photos I post on my blog…and how fast I can turn out photos from shooting.  So today I’m going to let you in on my secret of how I do it!

BlogStomp LogoBlogStomp Logo

In June of 2011…I stumbled upon BlogStomp I think it was via another blog that I regularly read in the United States, but honestly can’t remember how I found them.  BlogStomp is program that has helped me out so much in adding photos to my blog.  I was looking for a way to easily ‘brand’ my photos and create collages.  Now I know that there are probably other programs that do the same sorts of things…but I downloaded the free version and then ended up buying the full program and haven’t looked back.

Before you freak out and say you are doing this just because you got the program for free…actually that’s just not true– I paid the money to buy it in June of 2011 and have gotten the free upgrades throughout the years of using it.  I just like the program and it works for me.

So what is my process? I usually go out and shoot some photos…then come home and edit them (right now using aperture) then export them and drop them into BlogStomp.

As you can see there are many different options for collages, it’s not 100% perfect… sometimes you have to play around with the layout to get exactly what you want…but it’s working for me!

screen shot of blogstomp in action

Through Photoshop I created a “brand” and then added that to my BlogStomp program… so that’s how every photo gets a “” branding.

screen shot of blogstompAs for those “square” lines like the one above? well those are photos I have taken in Instagram…so they are already cropped to a square and when you add 3 in a row you can make a cute line like that!

When I first got the program I used a lot of the youtube videos and tutorials on their website to figure out the ins and the outs of the program.  Their website was pretty helpful.   The other awesome thing I like about this program is that it ‘condenses’ and ‘shrinks’ the files into smaller files…so that I can upload them easily! Another bonus is that you can tweet images and Facebook images from the program…honestly this isn’t something I’ve done…but it could be done!

So what’s your process with photos before you upload them to your blog? What programs do you use? 

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