Tenille’s Play it Forward Tour Comes to Pang!

Last night I bundled up and walked down to the Community Centre with friends to check out a concert.  Tenille has been on a cross-Canada tour called ‘Play it Forward’ visiting schools and empowering the students to be great leaders.

Tenille signed card...

This tour has been ‘inspiring youth to do what they do best…PLAY…and then… Play it Forward!!!’

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect…I didn’t do any googling about Tenille or the Play it Forward tour before I left my house.  I just know that I do love live music, even if it’s a bit country… and a night out with friends is always fun! But honestly, Tenille did not disappoint this woman has so much talent and passion for what she is doing.

Tenille signing at a mic in Pangnirtung concert

Concert shots of Tenille and members of her tour band

This was one of the songs Tenille played…and I really, really like it… there’s something about her message that not only was inspiring to the youth in the audience.  It’s inspiring to people of all ages…to take your passion, nurture it, dream big and then take that leap of faith and run with it…seeing where it will take you.  That’s some food for thought. It was a great night of music.  Tenille really loves to perform, you can see she was having a blast…singing and playing for everyone in Pang!

Tenille B&WTenille

As she started her last song in the evening…all these young girls came up to stand, clap and dance behind her!  It was so neat to see the girls…some at first weren’t too sure they wanted to be up there…but then enjoy themselves and clap along to the singing.  The messages of “Play it forward” is to all about finding what you are passionate about daring to dream…and then just doing it!

My wish is that all these young women find that spark…nurture it a bit and see where that takes them!  Young girls during Tenille concert

After a quick break…Simeonie Keenainak and Tim Evic took to the stage with his accordian for a little music.  I love watching, listening and then always end up dancing to Simeonie’s toons!  So it was the perfect end to the night!

Simeonie Keenainak playing in Pangnirtung

One of the things that impressed me the most was how down to earth Tenille was…she stayed with the group of girls, dancing…clapping and having a great time moving to Simeonie’s music. (She’s in that group of girls in the photo to the right…)

Dancing to Simeonie Keenainak's music

It was such a fun night, it was worth adding the extra layers of bundling and the walk in the cold, dark night… thanks for visiting Pangnirtung Tenille, it was a great night…and I enjoyed your concert all the best with your next adventures, whatever they may be!   Thanks to the sponsor Canadian North for bringing this tour to Nunavut…with stops in Pond Inlet, Iqaluit and Pang!

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One thought on “Tenille’s Play it Forward Tour Comes to Pang!

  1. Philip Newton

    She looks so happy to be performing! That’s one of my favourite part of concerts — seeing the joy in the face of the performers.

    How awesome that she came to Pang and you could see her!


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