Birthday Thoughts…

Today it’s my Birthday…and today that means I’m a Friday the 13th Birthday Gal! It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious..but for everyone that’s wondering I was born on a Thursday…not a Friday! cupcake with candle in it

 Today I’m thirty-four…it’s hard to believe, because I feel like I’m twenty-something!  (But then I hang out with twenty-somethings…and realize that I’m not really a twenty-something anymore…!)  I wonder when I’ll ever feel my age!?

girl with bow on her head

Family Birthday Photo of 2013…here’s me with the “bow”! (December 25, 2013)

I have a feeling Thirty-four is going to be an awesome year…how can it not be? I’m thankful that I’m healthy, happy and content with life… I have great friends, and family–what more could a girl ask for? I have a job I love… and I’m constantly having new adventures… I can’t wait to see what adventures come my way this next year!

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16 thoughts on “Birthday Thoughts…

  1. Nunavut Chillers

    Sorry we are late, but that just means your birthday love gets extended even longer! 🙂
    Happiest of birthday wishes to you, all the way from Baker! Hope it was fantastic!!

    PS – what was the birthday gift from your Secret Santa? 🙂

    Lily, Jeff & Pepper!


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