Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut 15

From June 7th to November 23, 2014 the 14th International Architecture Exhibit (Venice Architecture Biennale) with the theme of “Fundamentals” will be held in various locations in Venice, Italy.  Canada is one of more than 70 countries that will be creating an exhibit.  For their exhibit they are focusing on Nunavut since it is the 15th Anniversary of it’s creation.  They are calling the exhibit Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut 15.  There are lots of things being planned for the exhibit, go take a look over at their website where before I carry on…don’t worry I’ll wait!

Are you back? pretty exciting plans eh? Well a few week ago from January 15-20 here in Pangnirtung they hosted one of their first carving workshops.  Six talented carvers (Anugakuluk, Jaco Ishulutaq, Jupa Ishulutaq, Jamesie Alivaktak, Malya Pitsiulak and Sandy Maniapik) worked with worked with BC sculptor John McKinnon to create carvings of buildings from around Nunavut.  I was asked to take some photographs of the carving workshop. I went to visit 3 different times over the weekend and loved seeing how the buildings slowly emerged out of the soap stone!

Arctic Adapations-Nunavut 15_0005

(Left to Right) Jamesie Alivaktak and Jupa Ishulutaq carving outside.  The first steps to carving needs to happen outside, because of all the dust!  No matter what the temperatures are carvers in Nunavut get bundled up and carve by the light of spot lights or whatever daylight is around! Arctic Adapations-Nunavut 15_0002

Carvers from the workshop all use various spots to work on their models inside.  (Left to right Jamesie Alivaktak, Anugakuluk, Jaco Ishulutaq and Malaya Pitsiulak)…
Arctic Adapations-Nunavut 15_0006

Here is Jamesie Alivaktuk’s finished carving…Arctic Adapations-Nunavut 15_0004

Jaco Ishulutaq works on “the Spaceship” that can be found in real life in Igloolik.  Arctic Adapations-Nunavut 15_0003

Anugakuluk worked on this carving..the old blubber station from here in Pang.

Pangnirtung Blubber Station

Here’s two shots I have taken of the ‘Old Blubber Station’ here in Pangnirtung.  The top photo was during July 2009…and the bottom was taken in July 2011!

It was so much fun to watch the artists at work and have the opportunity to capture them working.  If you are in Venice you need to go check out this exhibition.  However, if a trip to Venice isn’t in your budget the show will tour Canada from 2015-2017–I can’t wait to be able to see it. In the meantime I’m going to have to wait to see photos of the exhibit  in Venice since I won’t be able to attend myself in person!

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