FMS Photo A Day: January 2014

January FMS Photo a Day 2014

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Here are my photos for January 2014…time seems to be going so quickly, I suppose that’s just a lesson to embrace and savour each moment you are given!

FMS Photo A Day_0001

1. LUNCH: New Years day was a ‘breakfast’ for lunch kind of day with granola and yogurt! 
Yummy snack of grapes! 
3. MY TOWN: 
I was still visiting friends in Iqaluit, but used this photo from my archives.  Pangnirtung, Nunavut is where I live and it’s a gorgeous community in Canada’s Arctic.

FMS Photo A Day_0002

4. WORDS TO LIVE BY: I love this quote…need to work more on this for 2014 & the future by focusing on things that make me happy.
5: FOUND: I was looking everywhere and found the iTunes Gift Card from my Birthday…so happy I found it, I thought it was long gone!!
6: HAPPENS EVERYDAY: I’m trying to drink more water…so drink a few of these every day. FMS Photo A Day_0003

7: UPSIDE DOWN: my glasses upside-down in the cupboard.
8: LUCKY NUMBER: 13 is my lucky number…I was born on the 13th so I think it’s a pretty lucky number!
9: NATURAL: The wind keeps blowing all the snow off the tundra, making the tundra and rocks visible… FMS Photo A Day_0004

10: MAN-MADE: Here was my man-made disaster…I broke two of my glasses while doing dishes…now only have 4 left!
11. LOOKING DOWN: Working on a knitting project, just looking down at the wool in the bowl…
12. COLOURFUL: Here’s a snap of the colourful groceries I got this day…but this little bit of food cost so much(this purchase was $62.25)!  Food in the Arctic is so expensive. FMS Photo A Day_0005

13. MAKES ME SMILE: any day that I can wear my kamiks…that makes me smile!
14. THREE THINGS: Just finished three capes to send off to some new big brothers and a big sister!
15. BLACK + WHITE: snow on the bridge…FMS Photo A Day_0006

16. SUN: no sun came out to play today…instead it was a white cloud kind of day.
17. TINY: Here’s a tiny inuksuk carving that a friend gave me.
18. HAPPY PLACE: being able to spend time outdoors…in the unseasonably warm temps! FMS Photo A Day_0007

19. BREAKFAST: Trying to take the time to eat breakfast every day…and so far in 2014 I’ve got a great track record.
20. TO DO LIST: I hate lists. Usually I end up writing them & forget to cross anything off and finding them weeks later.  In this photo are some of my “to-dos” need to finish sewing all these strips together & finish the 4th book in the Game of Thrones Series.
21. BLUE: I was feeling so sick this day…(the 24-hour flu got me)…FMS Photo A Day_0008

22. NICE!: it’s nice that there’s more light around every day….the sun is setting about 2:15pm now.  Some people also might think it’s “nice” to have all the snow gone…but for me it isn’t nice…it’s just weird living in the Arctic and having little to no snow in January!
23. BEDTIME: Good night!
24. YOUR SPACE: Here’s my space…walking down the street in Pang! FMS Photo A Day_0009

25. A TASTE OF SUMMER/WINTER: coming home after a winter’s walk…frost covered lashes!
26. FUN STUFF!: starting to put together the last 19 blocks for my quilt! It’s looking fab…and so much fun to see it coming together!
27: SOMETHING I BOUGHT: one of the awesome things about living in a remote Arctic community that amazing carvings come to your door…and you get the opportunity to buy them! FMS Photo A Day_0010

28. DINNER: mmmm shrimp!
29: WINDOW: back in the office and so excited that the sun is starting to rise over the mountains and I can SEE it for about 15mins before it ducks back behind the mountains.
30. BEST INVENTION EVER: I love my crock-pot…it’s seriously the best thing EVER!
31. POLKA DOT: hearts & polka dots are both parts of my new quilt.


Well, there’s another month done…here’s to February!  This month *might* be a bit tricky as I’m travelling and on holidays..and planning to be offline for awhile.  However, I’m going to do my best to continue to snap a photo-a-day.  Why don’t you join me?


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

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