Let’s talk about Weather

For the past few days my Facebook feed has been filled of people in southern Canada talking about the cold.  One of the best tweets I have seen about that “cold” was from someone in Iqaluit…

tweet for weather jpgNow there’s a crazy amount of snow that has hit large spots in Ontario while other places it’s warmed up to freezing snow/slush. It’s funny how people like to talk and share what their weather is exactly like via social media.  Heck there are apps that do this for us…attach the weather to a photo so you can post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.  I am just like EVERYONE else I love to share the weather that’s happening in my community.   So here it goes here’s what’s happening in Pangnirtung!

There’s a really bad front/storm that’s hitting eastern Nunavut right now.  Many communities are already effectively closed…with schools, businesses and governments shut down because of the winds and snow blowing outside…you know a blizzard!

It’s just starting here in Pang…the schools have closed as well as GN offices, so it’s officially a Blizzard Day!  The wind is howling and I can hear it clearly inside of my house as I type this post.

Windy Day...  1

The winds haven’t gotten too crazy yet… when I took these photos it was only gusting up to 44kms/hour…(but that’s taken from the airport sensor which is on the other side of town..I live on the windy side..so it might be a wee bit more windy!)

wind.Above is a screen shot from this really cool website you can go to to see a visualization that what the winds currently look like over Baffin Island right now…go check it out!  (I have a feeling this will change as it becomes less windy!? but not sure…so did a screen shot from about 1:15pmEST)

Windy Day...  2

(when I went to take this photo my parka hood blew into my face!)

Pang has been forecasted to get winds as strong as 100kms to 120kms/ hour… Iqaluit has been included in that as well…saying it might be as bad as the 2007 blizzard!

blizzardblizzard warning..Weather like this makes me excited like a little kid..it’s fun to sit safely in your house as it shakes watching things go flying by your house!  This storm is suppose to last through the night until tomorrow morning sometime… we’ll see if it really starts or if Environment Canada’s forecast will be wrong. I’ve already gotten a few calls from friends offering places to go and safely wait out the storm–since I am on the windy side of town.  But for now I’m going to wait it out…and maybe bring out my sewing!

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9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Weather

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …i might change my tune if something breaks one of my windows! My friend in Kimmirut, Nunavut…just had her living room window busted from this same storm! (but it’s all boarded up now…)

  1. Carol

    Hey Sarah! I have actually been thinking of you as we whine here is balmy south Ontario. It’s cold here, not because it’s unbearable but because we are blissfully unprepared for such extremities, walking around in fashion coats and boots that don’t protect us from these elements. Go ahead, call us wimps…we deserve it! Hope you remain cozy and warm.

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …that’s true Carol- I think that there’s no such thing as bad weather…just poor clothing! I just happen to have a bunch of it that keeps me warm here in the Arctic! 😉


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