New Years Fun!

This past week I had a blast and a bit of a ‘stay-cation’…I flew to Iqaluit to spend New Years with friends. I just got back this afternoon…and it was a whirl-wind trip and so much fun.

My friends picked me up from the airport on Monday evening…and then we packed snacks and headed to the school to go to the Games.  It was fun going to the Iqaluit Community games…and nice to see some familiar faces!  New Years Week FUN_0001 New Years Week FUN_0002 New Years Week FUN_0003

On New Years Eve…I spent a long time putting together Lego fireman sets with my friend’s 4 year old.  SO MUCH FUN!!! I had forgot how much fun it was to build Lego…

Building LegoIqaluit put on a Kids Firework display at 6pm…so we all bundled up and headed up to the spot to see them.  We got there just after they started it was a chilly night…but worth seeing the fireworks!  It was fun…but only got this one photo.  Next time I go to see fireworks I need to remember to bring a tripod!
New Years Week FUN_0005 New Years Week FUN_0006 New Years Week FUN_0007
When we got back to my friends house we enjoyed an amazing dinner.  My friends had invited another couple over with their two girls.  It was a fun party.  For dinner we had Raclette…a German tradition.New Years Week FUN_0008

It was my first time having raclette but it was really fun!  Basically the way my friends did it was to cook different types of meats in the middle of the table on a grill.  Then everyone could fill the pie shaped dishes with cheese, red peppers, corn and some of the cooked meat.  You placed them under the grill so that the cheese melts and it’s way yummy. We even added potatoes and cheese and let them get crispy under the grill.  We ate until our bellies were full…then had an awesome homemade cheese cake!  A perfect way to bring in the new year. New Years Week FUN_0009

The kids were so cute at their kids table!

New Years Week FUN_0004

After dinner…a group of super heros arrived in the house! New Years Week FUN_0010

The kids went to bed before midnight…and my friends and I had fun talking, laughing until midnight.  It was funny to bounce around the various New Years Eve count downs.

The next day we all got bundled up to go over to the New Years Day Candy throw.  It’s a tradition for children that have gotten their first “catch” of an animal while hunting to throw candy and other fun items for family and friends that gather!  One of my friends daughters got her first char…so she was on top of the sea-can throwing out goodies to the crowd.

New Years Week FUN_0012

The crowd loved getting the goodies!  I ended up staying towards the back of the crowd to get photos of the kids throwing the candy.  It was fun to be able to go to this event.  Congrats to my friend’s daughter…Grace for her first char!
New Years Week FUN_0013

The rest of my week was filled with lots of fun conversations, laughter and playing with my friends boys.  Honestly I didn’t take many photos…of the rest of the week.  I just want to thank my friend’s hubby who went to bed ‘early’ so my friend and I could stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking…it kind of felt like I was having a sleepover and I was 12 again!  New Years Week FUN_0011

Thanks again for your hospitality…it was a fun week.  Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit.

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