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January 2014: Blogathon

What’s the best way to pull yourself out of the January blahs?  One of my answers to cure the blahs is to join a Blogathon!  From today (Friday) at 8am to Monday at 8am I’m committing to spend time working on some bloggin’ business.

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Now what does that mean? Well there are a few things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t made the time to do here on my blog.  You all know how much I LOVE lists… but I decided to make one anyways, despite that I never seem to cross anything off… this time it will be different I swear.  I figured it would keep it simple to 3 tasks plus anything else that springs up… 

  1. I’d like to freshen up my blog…with a new header and some other random things.
  2. A have a pile of photos I need to edit for posts.  So I need to take time and just do it! (Part of this task means I need to move a bunch of photos off my laptop onto a hard drive to create more space on my MacBook Pro…I’m running out of space!)
  3. For this challenge I want to head outside for a walk when there’s light, and get some new photos…to be able to share with you.

Over the next 72 hours there will be some blogging tasks given out…I hope to participate and look forward to the challenges.  Let the Bloggin’ begin!

Radio Silence…

…how do I begin a blog when I haven’t been “online” here for such a long time? Not that I have to explain my radio silence, I figured I should probably acknowledge it and then move on.

Frosty Sarah To sum it up in one sentence:  I think the January blahs hit me.

The lack of sunlight has started to take a toil…(which is funny because each day the sunlight is slowly coming back).  As with other years, that’s the time the blahs have hit me…it’s like I FINALLY recognize how dark it’s been.  The last couple of weeks the days we do have daylight…the skies have been white, which doesn’t really do much to life that ‘blah’ feeling! I do use a sun lamp in the mornings…and am taking my vitamin D….but still it’s hard.

The Whacky Weather has been a factor too… it’s been unseasonably warm… (around -20C to -25C plus wind chills). So as nice as that seems for someone it does throw a gal off!  It’s also weird because there’s no snow…with the first storm that happened the first week of January and then the winds from last weekend…. we have been left with all the snow stripped from the tundra.

One of the other reasons I’ve been offline I’ve been working on projects that have taken me away from photography and blogging!  I’ve been sewing up a storm on a few different projects…some gifts for friends kids…and my quilt.  I’ve also been knitting up a storm so that keeps me busy.  It’s a good busy, things I’ve been enjoying…actually creating something and stretching those creative muscles!

I have started a really cool project for 2014…joining in other women from around the world to try to make twenty-fourteen the brightest year ever! …but will be doing a post about it soon to let you know more about that…but I have been thinking and asking myself lots of different questions about life and what I want for the future!

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If you are email subscribers you might have noticed a bunch of new post emails today! Sorry… I did have some stories from the past 3 weeks that I did want to share and decided to post them all at the same time–just seemed like the best way to do it!

To end of this awesome rambling post… I’m going to leave you with two links to recent articles from the Globe and Mail.  The first I read last night before going to bed.  It’s a fabulous pictorial view of Life in Nunavut…go have a look and a read, it’s long but a good read.   The second article features Nunavut Students from Iqaluit talking about their experiences….my friend’s daughter Joy’s article was printed!  I’m pretty excited for her and her insight at such a young age!

Mystery Mittens

Today when I went to the post office I had a surprise a notice for a parcel waiting for me in my post office box.  As I stood in line waiting to collect it I thought about what it could be…. I haven’t done any online shopping, no one I knew was sending me a package so I was pretty excited with anticipation about what it could be. (Mail is a HUGE thing when you live in the Arctic… surprises–even LETTERS totally make a day so much brighter!)

The package was handed to me and had a sticker on it because it was “opened” but we both looked at it and decided it was probably because the envelop wasn’t quite closed.  Want to know what it was?

Mystery Mittens

It was a fantastic surprise… a nice pair of blue mittens from Canadian North.  I dont’ know why I got them…there was no note, or explanation in the envelop… just a pile of stamps and a Canadian North return address label! I was puzzled…

I ended up making a call to the 1-800 number for booking flights…to inquire why I was mailed a pair of mittens.  They put me on hold while they talked with their supervisor…seems that last fall there was a special promotion if you flew a return flight with Canadian North. My prize was a pair of mittens, no tv or free flight for me…just a wonderfully warm pair of mittens!  Thanks Canadian North…in the future a note about explaining why you were sending a random pair of mittens in the mail that would have been helpful!

Wordless Wednesday L: The Pang Pass

Pang Pass...

This is a view I will NEVER get tired of looking at or photographing.  I’m so excited that the light is slowly coming back…the sun set at 2:15pm today!!!

The Sopranos

This weekend I decided finally take some time to watch the Sopranos.  I never watched the show when it aired from 1999-2007. My friend Morena lent me her DVD copies of all the season…I’ve had it for almost 2 years.  (I might be a bit of a procrastinator…and managed to watch a few other series (Walking Dead, Downton Abbey & Game of Thrones…to name a couple) before I started on the Sopranos.  I think I knew when I started it I’d be hooked…and want to watch the WHOLE thing without stopping.  Well over the weekend I managed to watch all 12 episodes from the first season.


I must admit…I’m a fan.  Now I need to find another blocks of time with nothing else to do  in order to watch more.  I don’t know about you…but it’s hard to stop at just one episode if I know I have the next one.

Have you watched the Sopranos? If you have…please no spoilers!

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