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Well today is my second day of holidays!  Friday night I left Pang on the evening flight after work.  I think it was the first time that I had packed and cleaned my house for my house sitter….and finished it all about 5 hours before my flight (during my lunch break from work)!

I spent the night in Iqaluit with my friends and their two boys.  I love these two so much, they are such fun ages.  It was just a short visit but a good one!  Iqaluit FriendsIqaluit friends

Taking off in Iqaluit the wind was blowing the snow across the runway. There’s something about Iqaluit that the snow always blows just across the runway.  On my flight I bumped into one of my favourite flight attendants…I met her on my trek to Yellowknife last spring when I was trying to get home to Pang from Ottawa. It’s always fun to run into a familiar face…she also was working on the flight that I came north on last November. I love how the north is such a small community and you can get to know your flight attendants and crew. Snow blowing across the ground on the runway

Taking off looking out the window at the Sylvia Grinnell River…sylvia grinnell river

It’s been a great few days to start my holidays here in the south.  Sunday I went over to my brother and sis-in-laws to visit their new house in Newmarket.  Then last night I went over to have dinner at my Gramma’s house.  It was nice to visit her and Bart.  It was nice to be treated to two awesome home cooked meals and to some family dinners!

On Thursday early morning my mum and I are leaving the country for some fun in the sun!  I can’t wait to just lie on the beach, sleep in the shade, read books and drink fruity cocktails.  We are heading to San Salvador, El Salvador…I’m looking forward to a holiday.

I’m going to be offline over the next few weeks but have asked some blogging friends to stop by Sarah on the Road and share some of their adventures here with my readers!  I hope you enjoy them… as much as I did.

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