Home Sweet Home…

Wow…three weeks of jammed packed holiday adventures have come to a close!  I had such a great time.  First I’d like to thank Bailie, Keenan, Jeka, Lily and Tara for doing guest posts while I was on holidays!  You guys rock… and you’ll have to forgive me when over the next few weeks I post some ‘beachy-sun-loving’ photos from my amazing week in El Salvador! Thanks again for taking the time to write posts for ‘Sarah on the Road’…having guest posts was a first for me and I think it was a great idea!

Yesterday I got home, after a brief ‘lay-over’ in Qikiqtarjuaq… (the community that is about 30mins by plane north of Pang).  See the flights route goes: Iqaluit- Pang- Qik then return Qik- Pang- Iqaluit. The snow and weather wasn’t cooperating to land in Pang on the way up to Qik…but thankfully it cleared enough on the return trip!  So I could get home and sleep in my own bed… do you know how heavenly that is after you have been travelling? it’s the best thing ever!

I have a whole whack of photos to edit…over 2000 from El Salvador and some from my trip to Buffalo for shopping and the 2 NHL games to see my cousin play!  Can’t wait to share with you all these random memories from holidays…but first I’m enjoying my first day back at home.  It’s a PJ Saturday kinda day!  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

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3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home…

  1. Nunavut Chillers

    Welcome home! I’m so glad you made it relatively undelayed…some of the flights weren’t coming/going from IQ and I thought of you! Isn’t sleeping in your own bed one of the best things in the world?? 🙂



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