Walking on the Side of a Volcano

On Monday, February 17th I went on my last day trip from the resort.  I left mum at the resort to relax pool side while I went off on an adventure to see a fishing market, walk on a volcano and visit a volcanic crater lake.  On our way to the volcano our tour group took the panoramic highway to take in the gorgeous coastline of El Salvador. El Salvador0194

Here was one of many tunnels that we went through…kind of crazy and long!  But was worth it to see the fantastic coastline of the Pacific flash past us out the windows of the bus. El Salvador0197

We stopped off at the Port of Libertad.  It was this fantastic fish market on a pier.  It was so much fun to walk through and see all the fish…and people looking to get a bargain!

Port of Libertad...Fish Market such a great start to a fun day!

Port of Libertad…Fish Market such a great start to a fun day!

When you walk through any type of market all your senses go into overload!  Sometimes you just need to take it all in…to stop to remember what you see, hear, smell…didn’t taste anything while I was exploring!
El Salvador0202

The shrimps/prawns were HUGE…the size of your fist or bigger! El Salvador0206

Here’s where the fish are carved up before they are taken to be sold in the booths of the market. El Salvador0208

The top of the pier is like a boating parking lot.  Our tour guide explained that it was a fishing co-op…so the members could park their boats on the pier, and sell the fish to the people selling them in the market! El Salvador0209

At the end of the market was this pulley system that was set up to bring up the boats and drop the boats down into the ocean. El Salvador0211

…just selling tourist souvenirs from a boat and another fish stall in the market!! El Salvador0216

Another view of the Pier from the other side!
El Salvador0219

Like all the tours I went on from the Decameron Explorer…the tour guide was fabulous.  Emelin shared so much information on our travels during the day.  She had so much information and passion for sharing pieces of her culture with us.  On the right is a photo of the San Salvador Volcano…the one that we were heading to and climbing up to the top. El Salvador0222

There were three different volcano tours.  The Izalco Volcano which was a crazy climb…for experienced hikers (I took a pass at the one).  Then there was the Santa Ana Volcano…which was an ok climb…but still a hike!  I picked the San Salvador Volcano…the fun of visiting the top of a volcano but the bus did most of the walk to the top….only a bit of leg work to get to the very top! El Salvador0224

This volcano is located on the west of city— San Salvador and is part of a complex bulk that includes the peaks: El Picacho (1.967m) and El Jabali (1.397m). The crater (the big hole) has a diameter of 1,500 sq. meters and with an altitude of 1.800 metres above sea level. El Salvador0227 El Salvador0226

We took a nice walk along the ridge of the volcano.  This one is “sleeping” but still active…the last time it erupted was in 1917. El Salvador0228

We stopped again at this fabulous restaurant on the side of the volcano…we sat outside in these fabulous gardens…with views looking over San Salvador.  El Salvador0235

For lunch… I picked fish again…so good, this was the best fish meal I had out of all the 3 tours! El Salvador0233

I loved this tree outside of the restaurant…something about the branches just made me smile. It also had ‘wired’ lights in it… to light up the paths below in the evening. El Salvador0230

This volcano has destroyed the city of San Salvador many times… the last time it erupted in 1917…the city was destroyed rebuilt on the other side of the volcano.  In the photo below you can see the aftermath of the volcanic lava flow….all that black rock, where nothing will grow or live again. El Salvador0236

A quick selfie with Emelin and I… El Salvador0239

The last stop for the day was Coatepeque Lake.  This lake was formed by the sinking of the ashes of two volcanic cones that gave origin to the lake, whose name comes from the Nahuat tongue that means “Snake Hill”.
El Salvador0240

We stopped beside this bar…and some people had set up a local market…. I might have bought a few Christmas Gifts for my mum and sister-in-laws.
El Salvador0242

This lake is known as one of the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world…and in El Salvador it’s known as one of the most beautiful places in the country!
El Salvador0243

It was another fantastic day in El Salvador… so worth getting off the resort to see a bit more of the country.

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2 thoughts on “Walking on the Side of a Volcano

  1. keenanhaga

    WOW, WOW! Should have saved all my comments for this post. Volcano hike, fish market pics — FAAANNNNTASTIC! Thanks again for sharing Sarah. These were great!

  2. Emely

    Oh! Sarah how emotional I get when I see how much my country El Salvador has change over the past years. I can`t believe that they made tourist attractions to the volcanos! All those volcanos I lived near them and one of them I live next to it. The volcanos sometimes shock the grounds that it was an earth wake and everyone had to leave their house until the earth stopped moving, as the houses where made of concrete, metal or other kinds of things, and not wood. Well Sarah, I am most sincerely proud of you girl!! you keep amazing me with your awesomenest adventures!! Don`t ever change that passion of yours! and your smiles.


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