Hello, Kimmirut…

Wow, the past 4 weeks have been crazy!  I’ve been travelling in Nunavut a lot for work.  It’s been great getting to visit some of the communities I visited 5 years ago and catch up with old friends…and even make new ones!

This week I’m in Kimmirut, Nunavut for work… Flying there is one of the shortest flights about 35-40mins on a Twin Otter.  Here’s a shot taken just after we took off from Iqaluit.  (You can see the airstrip and the buildings off in the distance….if you look really closely!)  Kimmirut001

This was taken just after take off again…The ice is getting more blue in colour…but still has a few weeks to go until break up! Kimmirut002

I love flying on Twin Otters…it’s fun watching the pilots taking off…and touching the million and one buttons and leavers on the plane!  After taking that shot, I did the thing I often do when travelling in an airplane of car…fell asleep.  Kimmirut003

Welcome to the Kimmirut Airport!  A quick shot of the airport terminal… and the plane on the right! It was pretty cloudy when we arrived…

A few hours after landing the clouds were gone…and just the sun and blue skies were left!  It was such a nice day…I could almost get away with just wearing my hoodie and no jacket.

There’s no snow in town…but these hunters are still getting out to the floe edge to hunt…by leaving their machines on the ice! Kimmirut006

So there you have it… a few shots of my travel to Kimmirut!  Maybe I’ll have time over the next few days to take a few more photos.

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2 thoughts on “Hello, Kimmirut…

  1. keenanhaga

    Loved your ice shots — starting to miss winter already. 3 more months of summer here…oh well. Time to get my hike on — if only, so I can see snow again 🙂


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