Two Months and One Day…

Tonight I got to visit with my friends who also happen to be my neighbours.  They just returned home to Pang with the newest member of their family.  She’s two months and one day old today… I think she’s pretty cute!  It was so much fun to get some baby snuggles… I must admit I was kind of a baby hog and held her for most of my visit unless she was eating!

Just before I left I ran home grabbed my camera and went back to snap these shots! We will have to do a more ‘official’ shoot soon. By the time I took these shots she was getting sleepy.


Here’s the proud big brother with his new baby sister. Riina and Marton Riina and Marton 2Riina and Marton 3

I think these two are both equally adorable!  Can’t wait until the next time we get to hang out.

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