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Happy Nunavut Day

Today is Nunavut is celebrating 15 years! It’s pretty exciting to be in Pangnirtung to celebrate today. It’s crazy to think I was here celebrating 10 years...that seems like yesterday, but not 5 years ago!  The day’s activities started with a scavenger hunt for a mall Nunavut pin. Four pins were hidden all around town and people were given ‘hints’ about where to find them. The winners got a cash prize! I decided to celebrate with a bit of extra sleep so didn’t join in on this game.

I headed with my neighbours up to the baseball diamond where the afternoon games were being held. After our mayor and new SAO said some words in greeting… it was time for the Candy Toss!

Nunavut Day 2014001

I participated in the water balloon toss…and on the first catch I made, I managed to break the balloon and soak myself in water! Sorry there’s no photo of that happening. There were other games…with dice, and trying to knock over a pop can with a dog whip! (That’s what’s happening in the photo below…)

Nunavut Day 2014004Earlier this year Elisapee Ishulutak an Artist from Pangnirtung became a member of the Order of Canada. Today Elisapee was presented with two portraits of herself and a print. These items were sent to the Hamlet to give to her.

Nunavut Day 2014003

Nunavut Day 2014002

There was a contest for the best costume for Nunavut Day…such fun to see everyone dressed up!

Nunavut-Day-2014006.JPG Nunavut-Day-2014007.JPG

I won one of ‘door’ prize draws…and was rewarded with $20!

Nunavut Day 2014005

Even thought it’s been a cloudy and a bit cold of day here in Pang today… it’s been fun celebrating with the community. Later tonight there’s a feast at the Canon Rock for everyone to join in!

Finding True North has started a Nunavut hashtag…#nunagram and I’ve been playing along via Instagram.


One of my photos of the whales from last week was choosen in the ‘Top 15 Photos to celebrate Nunavut!’ Go check out the other 14… and give the other people some instagram love! 

Happy Nunavut Day…enjoy it!

Visitors in Pang

This past week has flown by so quickly.  I had visitors come visit me here in Pangnirtung! John and Kat arrived on June 29th…and this morning flew back south.  As I type this I’m sitting in my quiet house… which has given me time to pull together some photos and share some of the stories of our adventures the past week.

As you might already know…sometimes the weather is bad and planes can’t land…the week before John and Kat arrived was one of those weeks…with lots of rain and fog. (The ice in the fjord was breaking up and that creates a lot of ice fog.) So I was a bit nervous about their plane not landing in Pang.  But I didn’t have to be worried at all.  They did have about an hour and half delay in Iqaluit but a friend met them at the airport and took them on a great tour of the city…so that was pretty awesome!


They brought the sunshine and blue skies something that Pang hadn’t seen for about 18 days.


After dinner we went out to enjoy the sunshine with a quick walk down the road.  Photos and selfies with camera timers all happened.  You might see photos of the mountains but there’s definitely something to be said about standing and seeing them for your own eyes. John_Kat-Nunavut_003

On Monday we headed into town…our first stop was at the Angmarlik Visitor Centre (which also houses the museum and Elder’s meeting spot). Kelly gave us an amazing tour and shared so much information about Inuit Culture and history.  John_Kat-Nunavut_004

Monday night we went down to the beach and hopped on a boat to head the entrance of Auyuittuq National Park.  John_Kat-Nunavut_005

Seeing these mountain peaks doesn’t get old…seeing them through the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen them before is even more fun! John_Kat-Nunavut_006John_Kat-Nunavut_007We aren’t big hikers…so just went for the boat ride down to the end of the fjord and dropped off some climbers heading into the park! One group was staying for 3 weeks and another was staying for close to 5-6weeks. They had so many supplies!


Looking at Pangnirtung from the fjord.


HAPPY CANADA DAY from Pangnirtung!  John, Kat and I got our red & white on…plus some tattoos and headed out to celebrate with the rest of town. 010

We stopped by the Hudson’s Bay Company Old Blubber Station… John_Kat-Nunavut_011

Then headed over to the ‘canon’ rock…for a view of the Fjord. After all the rain the week before the tundra is becoming alive with flowers…


Then we headed over to play in a few of the Canada Day Games.  The kids decorated their bikes for a competition…and then we played a dice game before heading home! John_Kat-Nunavut_012John_Kat-Nunavut_013

Wednesday we had a chill day… we went over to my office to meet a few people and see where I work!  Then had tea with my friend Eeta in the afternoon.  Later that night Eeta and her husband returned to give us a “driving” tour of town… Our first stop was at the end of the road…John_Kat-Nunavut_013

Then we went up by the water reservoir for this view… John_Kat-Nunavut_014

After a trip downtown…then uptown we ended up at the campgrounds and went for a quick walk by the Duval River. John_Kat-Nunavut_015

A perfect ending to another perfect day… Thank you so much Eeta and Tommy for taking us for a driving tour of town! John_Kat-Nunavut_016

Thursday was our big exciting day…we headed out with Joavie (an outfitter) in town.  Our mission was to visit Kekerten (The Whaling Station from the 1860s) and have a fun boating trip…hopefully see some seals and maybe some bowhead whales.  John, Kat and I were uber excited!John_Kat-Nunavut_017Once in the Cumberland Sound it wasn’t long until we saw our first and second Bowhead Whales!  They didn’t want to play so after spotting them they dove and we didn’t see them surface again so we continued on our way to Kekerten.


The last time I visited Kekerten was in the summer of 2009.  My post about the day actually won a ‘Nunie’ award for the best post in 2009.   There have been a few changes and additions to some of the displays so that was neat to see! John_Kat-Nunavut_020

The Scottish and Americans both had whaling stations here working with the Inuit to harvest Bowhead whales…starting in the 1860s until 1915.  Most of the wood and other pieces were re-used from the settlement when the Inuit moved from this camp to other camps on the land.   John_Kat-Nunavut_021

We were walking around the historic site along the board walks…when all of a sudden Joavie looked over to where the 2013 Bowhead Whale was harvested. He did a double take and said, “Polar Bear”.  I had my 50-500mm zoom so was able to take a photo and confirm it was indeed a bear!  This was the 2nd one I’ve seen alive living up here in Nunavut.  Crazy fun! plus a wee bit exciting… the bear was busy eating, so we continued our tour…but kept an eye on it while we were walking around. John_Kat-Nunavut_022John_Kat-Nunavut_022John_Kat-Nunavut_024

John, Kat and I standing at the bowhead skull from the 1998 hunt…while the Polar Bear was in the next bay (behind us) standing at the 2013 skull. John_Kat-Nunavut_025John_Kat-Nunavut_026

We didn’t stay on the island to do any hiking..partly because of the bear! Plus we decided we’d like to head back out on the water to see if we can find anymore Bowhead Whales.  We were not disappointed…soon on our way Joavie spotted some whales.  He was able to slowly get close to them…then turned off the motor.  We floated for a long time….listening to the whales talking with each other.  It was pure magic. John_Kat-Nunavut_028John_Kat-Nunavut_029

All in all at one time we spotted about 9-10 whales at once…. They were floating and turning over in circles, popping their heads out. They were probably fishing (in a good spot) because the water was pretty shallow…and they didn’t flip their tails because it wasn’t deep enough water.  John_Kat-Nunavut_027

If to think seeing a Polar Bear, some seals, bowhead whales wasn’t enough… we drove past 2 different icebergs on our way home.  More magic already piled up on a magical day!

Friday brought more exploring around town.  We headed to Parks Office and then to Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts for a tour of the weaving and print studios.  Did you know that there are only 4 working weaving studios in the world left…and Pangnirtung is one of those?

After all of our travels this week…Saturday was bit rainy/ cloudy…and dreary but we kept our spirits up with a bit of Wii.  We played around with the the games I have…and had a bit of a Guitar Hero Battle.   Then had dinner with neighbours! Can you say yummy homemade char sushi? Thanks Maki and Ryan for an awesome dinner.

Sunday was a sunnier day…so we went for a walk down to the metal and wood dumps with Ryan and Marton.  Just enjoying our last time together. John_Kat-Nunavut_032 John_Kat-Nunavut_034

Thanks so much John and Kat for coming up for a week to visit me.  I’m so glad the weather cooperated and we got to see and do so much!  Already looking forward to our next time we can take a vacation together…how about one on a beach somewhere for some fun in the sun next? John_Kat-Nunavut_033

Having visitors was great…it was really so much fun tour around my town with family.  If anyone else wants to visit, just hit me up with a message…

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