Black and White Photography

Earlier this week there was a fun ‘challenge’ going around Facebook to post 5 B&W photos on your wall, and then nominate a person to join in each day!  My friend Mark nominated me and I decided to join in.  I love B&W Photography…and jumped at the chance to share a few of mine from my archives!

I shared these via Facebook, but decided to share them here as well…without my ‘tags’ for friends to join the challenge! Hope you enjoy.


Day 1 of 5- Today’s photo is from my 2013 summer trip to the Yukon & Alaska….this one is from Haines, Alaska. 

B&W- Haines Alaska

Day 2 of 5- Today’s photo is from an ice fishing trip on the May 2-4 weekend in 2013! Stopping on the way home to take photos of “Toberlone Mountain”.

B&W-  Pang--outside

Day 3 of 5 – Today’s photo is from February 2014…I was visiting my Gramma (Barbara Hodgson-Medd) and snapped this shot…one of my favourite shots of the best gramma a person could ever ask for–love you, and can’t wait to see you in a month!

B&W- grammaDay 4 of 5 – Today’s photo is from the spring of 2013…I was went for a walk with my friend Kaitlin…it was a COLD day, but the dogs needed to get outside, so that meant we did too!

B&W-  Pang--the hills

Day 5 of 5 –  Today’s photo is from August 2010…my good friend Jacob asked me to join him on a trip to Arjona, Columbia to take photos for Opportunity International. This shot was from my last afternoon…where we were ‘mobbed’ by a group of kids, but this little girl caught my eye and my heart.

Little Girl

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down ‘memory’ lane with a few older B&W photos from my archives!


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