#FMSPhotoaDay 2015- Week 3

Another week of daily photos are done! This was my last week in Melbourne, Australia…and it was jam packed with lots of activities and fun. I did manage to keep up and take a photo-a-day. Though at times I almost forgot until the last minute to snap a shot!

Here’s the list from last week:


Day 12: bright…it was so bright out we all had to wear sunnies!!!


Day 13: lucky number…13 has always been my lucky number! Here’s 13 pieces of sea glass I picked up with my cousins the day before on a beach walk in St. Kilda.


Day 14: new…windows! Yahoo for the renovation process…


Day 15: old…windows!


Day 16: nature… Palm trees are so fun to look at!


Day 17: Jump… After a day of wine tasting in the Yara Valley, I asked my cousin to jump for me while we waited for the train home!


Day 18: Today is…the day I leave Australia, but still have 2 weeks of adventures in the Philippines!


That’s a wrap on another week!!! I’ll be playing along for week 4…but not 100% sure about my internet access while I’m visiting the Philippines…so might not post every day! If you want to play along here’s the list for week 4!


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