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Wordless Wednesday LVI: 12 Apostles at Sunset

This shot was a film shot I took in December of 2003, 11 years ago.  I’m hoping on my trip this month I might get to go back to visit this awesome coastline.  The great ocean road is gorgeous, so many amazing beaches and sites! 12 apostles- Great Ocean Road

I took the opportunity 11 years ago to go up in a helicopter it didn’t disappoint, and I had so many amazing shots from the air…this is one of my favourite ones!

great ocean road

Most of my photos from my year in Australia in 2003-2004…are not scanned.  I was a film SLR shooter then, I think maybe a project in 2015 might be to scan my negatives…and share some more shots from my epic year long trip living overseas.

#FMSPhotoaDay 2015- Week 2

It’s been another fantastic week here in Melbourne, Australia! The weather has been amazing—a wee bit too hot then it cooled down to a just right temperature. Its been great to reconnect with friends and hang out with my cousins!

Here’s the list of prompts for this past week…


Day 5: Square…the scones at Miss. Marples were square and so yummy with jam & cream! It was an awesome day hanging out with my longest friend in the world–Krista!


Day 6: Round…for my birthday I was given a pandora bracelet. I love it… Later in the week I added an Australian charm!


Day 7: Currently Reading… Spent the morning in my pjs sitting on the porch reading! (Isn’t that what holidays are for?!)


Day 8: Landscape… Spent the day wandering around the CBD of Melbourne! Reminding myself of all the reasons I fell in love with this city …


Day 9: Pattern… The train seats had a pretty cool pattern on them! On Friday I headed to Frankston to visit my friend for the weekend.


Day 10: Hello…from Sorrento’s Back Beach! My friends took me on a drive and this was one of the gorgeous stops we had during the day! I was excited to smell the ocean and get my toes wet.


Day 11: I see… People having fun at Frankston Beach! It was such an awesome morning to sit and watch my friends kids play in the water! (Not pictured here)


So there’s another week done! There’s only 50 more to go for 2015… Here’s the list if you’d like to join in the fun for week #3!


Wordless Wednesday LV: Clyde River

It’s 2015…and I’m bringing back Wordless Wednesday’s for the year!

Clyde River-early AM

This was a shot I took back early in the morning on November 29, 2014…the flight had just landed in Clyde River from Pond Inlet (on route to Iqaluit).   I loved how the morning light was hitting the mountains behind Clyde.  I snapped this photo on the way from the plane to the terminal.

#FMSPhotoaDay 2015- Week 1

This year I have decided to participate in the Photo-a-Day challenge. This year the lists are being done weekly! So much fun… So here’s my first weeks photos.

Day 1: the sky…taken from my cousins’ backyard in Melbourne.
Day 2: something yellow…my new little ducky friend!

Day 3: me today…this arctic gal wasn’t dealing with the 39C in Melbourne that well—thank goodness for fans and cooler temps!

Day 4: I hear… My longest friend (30yrs of friendship) singing her heart out! So great to visit her in her Melbourne house!


Here’s the list for week 2 if you’d like to join in!


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