Aurora Borealis

Last night I got a Facebook message from my friend Mike asking if I’d like to head out with him to see if the Northern Lights were out.  It was around 8:45pm and was pretty cold, but got bundled up and headed out when Mike arrived 30mins later!  Friday Night Northern Lights012

The lights did not disappoint!

Friday Night Northern Lights007

We headed up just behind my house…up past the water reservoir and set up to take some shots.Friday Night Northern Lights002

Mike helped me figure out my focus…one thing I always have a hard time doing for night shots–so it was awesome that he helped me out! Friday Night Northern Lights010

There’s something so magical just standing on a frosty evening (it was around -33C with a windchill of -37C) all bundled up watching the lights dance over your heads.  At one point just before we were going to jump on the skidoo to head to a new location I was like–OH WOW, Look at that!  (the lights had just jumped up on the horizon behind a mountain.) Friday Night Northern Lights004

All in all it was a fantastic night. Friday Night Northern Lights006

Thanks Mike for going shooting with me, can’ wait until the next time!

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