#FMSPhotoaDay- Week 6

Another busy week of photo taking…here’s the list from week 6!


Day 2: mail… I took this photo on Thursday when I finally got home. This is what a stack of mail looks like after holidays!


Day 3: water… Everything was pretty frozen on Frobisher Bay when I flew into Iqaluit!


Day 4: reward… A chocolate helps after being stranded in Iqaluit for a few days because of weather.


Day 5: something blue… It’s finally cold enough to wear the mittens I made last spring!!!


Day 6: makes me smile… Able to start routines again and head home each day for lunch, back to work!


Day 7: stripes… On the side of a seacan (shipping container) made by the snow!


Day 8: in my bag… Need to clean up the exploded laundry powder from my trip home…sometimes there’s a crazy disaster in my luggage when travelling. Glad today because it’s powder fresh smelling!


Another week down…here’s Week 7’s list why not join me?


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