#FMSPhotoaDay: Week 9


Day 23: Fix… On Sunday I got my sewing machine out and finally fixed the pocket of my parka.


Day 24: 12 o’clock… I tried on a friends parka, she was thinking of selling it but later in the week changed her mind. It was a gorgeous parka! Made me realize I need to get working on creating my new parka! (I purchased the material before thanksgiving!)


Day 25: reflection…what do you see?


Day 26: grow…just growing some roots.


Day 27: still life…


Day 28: thank you… My house-sitters from Christmas left me this fantastic tea as a thank you gift! Seriously…it’s such a fantastic blend!!!


Day 1: (March) starts with an R… Mmmmmm rice!


Another week done! I must admit this week was hard to keep up because I was on ‘duty’ travel…that’s what work travel is called. I was in Iqaluit all week but I caught up yesterday and am keen to start week 10!!! Why don’t you join me? Here’s the list.


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