Rainbow Walks…

Today I got a phone call around 1pm from a friend to tell me about the double rainbow around the sun.  This time of the year we often experience “Sundogs”…which I think is caused by created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere.  The last sundog I photographed was two years ago… in February, also here in Pangnirtung. 

Rainbow Walk (5 of 7)

Quick as a wink, I asked my friend if she’d like to go for a walk…and I bundled up and headed to her house.  We headed out of town–enjoying the SUNSHINE!

Rainbow Walk (3 of 7)

But also stopping to take a few photos of the Sundog.

Rainbow Walk (1 of 7)

(At times there was actually 2 rings–a double rainbow if you will, but only managed to capture part of the 2nd rainbow with my camera.)

Rainbow Walk (2 of 7)

The ravens were out to play!  It’s so much fun watching them play in the wind currents as they fly up and down…Rainbow Walk (6 of 7)

…one Shadow Selfie and a wave!
Rainbow Walk (7 of 7)

Even though the wind was cold–and it was -19C, it was awesome to be out in the sunshine…Spring has arrived in the Arctic!

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One thought on “Rainbow Walks…

  1. emely

    What a wonderful place you live in Sarah! to experience the beauty of the sunshine with rainbow around it, its incrediable!! Great pictures!


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