Chill’n in Grise Fiord…

This week I’ve been on the road again…which has been a theme this past year with my work schedule.  I was delayed leaving Pangnirtung by a day due to high winds and a mini-blizzard! But arrived safe and sound in Resolute this past Wednesday.  Thursday my flight to Grise Fiord was delayed (not by weather–but because there wasn’t a plane available.) As I type this blog post I’m waiting in Grise to find out of the plane from Resolute is coming tomorrow…the wind here has picked up a bit–and they are waiting for an update at 1pm.  (we’ll see what happens… my stay in Grise might be a bit extended!)


…Decided to include the map so you can see where I am writing from!

When I was here in September I was lucky enough to see a narwhal hunt!  This time I’m enjoying the 24hour sunshine and balmy spring temperatures! The views coming into Grise are stunning…the mountains are just so mind blowing.

Grise Fiord (2 of 10)I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane but did manage to get a few shots of the mountains as our plane came closer to Grise Fiord.  Everywhere I looked out on the ocean I saw ‘ice-locked’ icebergs…

Grise Fiord (4 of 10)Grise Fiord has a small airstrip very close to the mountains, the approach is kind of crazy… basically the pilots descend facing the mountains and then at the right moment turn left to land on the airstrip.  The photo below was taken just at the time the plane started to turn.

Grise Fiord (5 of 10)I always love me a shadow!

Grise Fiord (6 of 10)


…the plane turn over is pretty fast, a quick refuel–unload the cargo and passenger bags, then load up passenger luggage and passengers and off they go back to Resolute!

Grise Fiord (7 of 10)

The views are stunning here in Grise…it’s fun to visit in the spring with the constant sunshine.

Grise Fiord (9 of 10)These children were playing out on the ice yesterday…for hours they walked around, sliding and digging.

Grise Fiord (2 of 2)It’s fun the hotel is right by the water’s edge…so a gorgeous view of the ice, and icebergs in background.  The hotel is a bit older…the view from the backside, shows the strength of some of the storms and wind that happen here in Grise.  (some of the siding didn’t make it!)

Grise Fiord (1 of 2)

The people are so friendly…I suppose when you live in a place that only has 130 people everyone knows everyone.  And everyone remembers you, it was nice to reconnect with familiar faces from my last visit in September.

Grise Fiord (10 of 10)The enjoying the sun that never sets! Let’s hope I get an update soon about my flight with word that the plane is on route from Resolute.




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2 thoughts on “Chill’n in Grise Fiord…

  1. tara

    Reading about landing in Grise totally reminds me about landing in Pang! Rankin certainly doesn’t have such hair-raising flights. We actually have jets that land here from Winnipeg. Total metropolis here – taxis and Tim’s…what more could a girl ask for?


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