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Feastin’ Canada Day Style!

It was such a nice night for a feast.  I just got back from the Canada Day feast at the ‘canon’ rock… Canada Day Feast (Pang) (1 of 11)

The sun was shinning…the wind died down and it was a gorgeous night!  (At one point I regretted not putting on long johns, but all in all it was all good!) Canada Day Feast (Pang) (6 of 11) Canada Day Feast (Pang) (2 of 11)

It was fun to hang out and watch all the kids play…running all over the rocks, doing cartwheels on the tundra and riding their bikes everywhere! Canada Day Feast (Pang) (5 of 11)


So much fun…with a stunning backdrop of the Pang Pass! Canada Day Feast (Pang) (7 of 11)

A quick snap of Mt. Duval…
Canada Day Feast (Pang) (9 of 11)

Looking out towards the end of the fjord towards Cumberland Sound. Canada Day Feast (Pang) (8 of 11)

Still some ‘bergy-bits’ in the fjord!Canada Day Feast (Pang) (10 of 11)

Hope your Canada Day was just as awesome as mine!Canada Day Feast (Pang) (11 of 11)

Happy Canada Day!!!

Sending you greetings from Pangnirtung on Canada Day! It’s been a great day so far… Canada Day (Pang) (5 of 9)

The day started off with the flag raising and O Canada in Inuktitut outside of the RCMP station…then the parade! Canada Day (Pang) (7 of 9)Canada Day (Pang) (3 of 9)

So many vehicles were all decorated… and showing off some Canada Pride! Canada Day (Pang) (2 of 9) Canada Day (Pang) (1 of 4)Canada Day (Pang) (3 of 4)

After there parade there were some games in the morning…and then again at 2pm! Canada Day (Pang) (8 of 9)

Tonight there’s a feast at the Canon Rock, I love how Pang comes together to celebrate a holiday! Canada Day (Pang) (4 of 9)


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