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List Making

I am a hard-core list maker.  At any given time, I have a list (or three) on the go.  Mainly because I am anal about being organized, plus I also love the feeling of crossing something off the list!  I have been known to write sometime down after I have done it, just so I get to cross it off.  Yes.  I know.  I am a dork.

It is a good thing that I am here doing the planning since two of our members are self confessed masters of disorganization.

I have lists of gear for the camper, food to prep, food to pack, things for us to do, stuff that needs to be done around my house before I can run away….  I just looked in my book and I have six different lists on the go right now!

Most of the lists are getting smaller and that is good since I am heading to Whitehorse in just four more sleeps.  Exciting times are ahead!

my lists


Feeding Ravens

Thank goodness these Ravens are just as easy to feed as our Yukon ravens.  They say they will eat anything!

Since these ladies are going to such great lengths to get out here to the Yukon, I have decided I will put in a bunch of work beforehand prepping to feed them.  Feeding people is something I am really good at!

Want to know what is in my freezer so far to feed these fantastic women?

  • about 8 dozen cookies.  Maybe 10.  I lost track.
  • a lot of muffins.  6 dozen?  Lost track there too.
  • a double batch of homemade spaghetti sauce- moose burger of course
  • homemade chili and again with moose
  • 4 dozen homemade buns
  • homemade sausage, moose and pork, just made this last week

I will be cooking up some fantastic meals from the kitchen in my little truck-camper!  There are a few jars of canned moose meat and canned turkey that I put up over the winter all ready to be turned into moose and turkey stew.  The cast iron griddle is packed and ready for breakfasts of pancakes or french toast with bacon.  Yum!

So there is definitely no worries of anyone going hungry!

Meet and Feed!

Wanna meet the Raven’s?

Friends!  Bloggers!  Random folks who read this blog!

Head down to Wolf Creek Campground outside of Whitehorse on the morning of the 19th (starting around 8:30am’ish) to join us for pancakes and coffee.  We hope to see some Whitehorse bloggers before we hit the road!

I am sure we won’t be hard to find.  Look for five crazy women wearing capes.



Broken Ankle = Change of Plans

So this Raven broke her ankle four and a half weeks ago.  Thank goodness this crazy gathering is still just under three weeks away, allowing for a bit more healing time.

But it did make a slight change to our plans.  All of us had signed up to do a 5k run in the Mayo Midnight Marathon after I had taken up running this winter and had given myself a challenge to be able to run 5k straight by summer.  I was incredibly upset that I wasn’t going to be able to do the run and wasn’t sure what could be done since we had already paid our fees to participate.

In the end, we all decided that we will still do it, but make it as fun as possible!  Instead of running the 5k, we will don our crazy garb (bearded lady hats, capes, dyed shirts, wild undies, etc) and we will walk the route making it as entertaining as possible.  I am not entirely sure if I will be able to walk 5k by that point, but I am hopeful since I have been without crutches the last couple of days and am doing my best to hobble around.  Maybe I should just bring a wheel barrow and the other Raven’s can take turns pushing me!

So if you see a group of 5 ladies walking in the craziest get-up you have seen, don’t call the cops!  Just come and take our picture instead.

Run, Ravens! Run!

Since we are making this trip as amazing as possible, we added in a physical challenge.

The Raven’s have all signed up for the 5k run (or walk) at the Mayo Midnight Marathon!  We will probably be running it with capes on since are all super heroes.

I (Kara) have been doing a couch to 5k running program over the winter and have so far worked up to being able to run for 15 minutes straight.  This race will be quite the challenge for me and I am hoping to be able to run most of the 5k.

Get training, ladies!  Just over two months to go!

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