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FMS Photo A Day: January 2014

January FMS Photo a Day 2014

{Source: FMS Photo-a-Day}

Here are my photos for January 2014…time seems to be going so quickly, I suppose that’s just a lesson to embrace and savour each moment you are given!

FMS Photo A Day_0001

1. LUNCH: New Years day was a ‘breakfast’ for lunch kind of day with granola and yogurt! 
Yummy snack of grapes! 
3. MY TOWN: 
I was still visiting friends in Iqaluit, but used this photo from my archives.  Pangnirtung, Nunavut is where I live and it’s a gorgeous community in Canada’s Arctic.

FMS Photo A Day_0002

4. WORDS TO LIVE BY: I love this quote…need to work more on this for 2014 & the future by focusing on things that make me happy.
5: FOUND: I was looking everywhere and found the iTunes Gift Card from my Birthday…so happy I found it, I thought it was long gone!!
6: HAPPENS EVERYDAY: I’m trying to drink more water…so drink a few of these every day. FMS Photo A Day_0003

7: UPSIDE DOWN: my glasses upside-down in the cupboard.
8: LUCKY NUMBER: 13 is my lucky number…I was born on the 13th so I think it’s a pretty lucky number!
9: NATURAL: The wind keeps blowing all the snow off the tundra, making the tundra and rocks visible… FMS Photo A Day_0004

10: MAN-MADE: Here was my man-made disaster…I broke two of my glasses while doing dishes…now only have 4 left!
11. LOOKING DOWN: Working on a knitting project, just looking down at the wool in the bowl…
12. COLOURFUL: Here’s a snap of the colourful groceries I got this day…but this little bit of food cost so much(this purchase was $62.25)!  Food in the Arctic is so expensive. FMS Photo A Day_0005

13. MAKES ME SMILE: any day that I can wear my kamiks…that makes me smile!
14. THREE THINGS: Just finished three capes to send off to some new big brothers and a big sister!
15. BLACK + WHITE: snow on the bridge…FMS Photo A Day_0006

16. SUN: no sun came out to play today…instead it was a white cloud kind of day.
17. TINY: Here’s a tiny inuksuk carving that a friend gave me.
18. HAPPY PLACE: being able to spend time outdoors…in the unseasonably warm temps! FMS Photo A Day_0007

19. BREAKFAST: Trying to take the time to eat breakfast every day…and so far in 2014 I’ve got a great track record.
20. TO DO LIST: I hate lists. Usually I end up writing them & forget to cross anything off and finding them weeks later.  In this photo are some of my “to-dos” need to finish sewing all these strips together & finish the 4th book in the Game of Thrones Series.
21. BLUE: I was feeling so sick this day…(the 24-hour flu got me)…FMS Photo A Day_0008

22. NICE!: it’s nice that there’s more light around every day….the sun is setting about 2:15pm now.  Some people also might think it’s “nice” to have all the snow gone…but for me it isn’t nice…it’s just weird living in the Arctic and having little to no snow in January!
23. BEDTIME: Good night!
24. YOUR SPACE: Here’s my space…walking down the street in Pang! FMS Photo A Day_0009

25. A TASTE OF SUMMER/WINTER: coming home after a winter’s walk…frost covered lashes!
26. FUN STUFF!: starting to put together the last 19 blocks for my quilt! It’s looking fab…and so much fun to see it coming together!
27: SOMETHING I BOUGHT: one of the awesome things about living in a remote Arctic community that amazing carvings come to your door…and you get the opportunity to buy them! FMS Photo A Day_0010

28. DINNER: mmmm shrimp!
29: WINDOW: back in the office and so excited that the sun is starting to rise over the mountains and I can SEE it for about 15mins before it ducks back behind the mountains.
30. BEST INVENTION EVER: I love my crock-pot…it’s seriously the best thing EVER!
31. POLKA DOT: hearts & polka dots are both parts of my new quilt.


Well, there’s another month done…here’s to February!  This month *might* be a bit tricky as I’m travelling and on holidays..and planning to be offline for awhile.  However, I’m going to do my best to continue to snap a photo-a-day.  Why don’t you join me?


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

Check out my 2013’s FMS Photo a Day Shots!

2013 Photos in Review: #FMSPhotoaDay


Well I made it… last January I set upon the task to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day for all of 2013.  The year had it’s ups and downs…but I pressed on and stuck with it.  And guess what? I made it through recording 1 photo for each day…some days not taking photos, and others taking more than one…but I finished!

Here’s a wrap up of all my 2013 photos–if you want to see the explanations from the original posts  click the links..

January 2013: january 2013

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April 2013: April 2013

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November 2013: November 2013

December 2013: December 2013

I’m going to attempt to do another year of photos for 2014…following along with Fat Mum Slim’s monthly prompts! Why don’t you join me?

December 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

December has come and gone…it was a fun filled month!  My birthday month & Christmas so how could it be a bad month!  Sometimes it was harder to take photos this month, because we only had about 2-3hours of daylight a day!  But I managed to get through all the fun events from December & finish my photo-a-day challenge for 2013! December Photo-A- Day List

(Source: Fat Mum Slim)

Without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! Some of my photos were taken with my Canon 6D… or my iPhone 3GS!December FMS-Photo-a-Days 1-3

1. Red: Just a random shot of a red Christmas banner I have up in my kitchen.
2. Where I stood: Here I was walking down to the post office to pick up my #FMSGiftExchange gift! 
3. Silver: …the Bridge is so pretty during a lunch time walk!  December FMS-Photo-a-Day 4-6

4. Tiny: My tiny giraffe…who hangs out under my computer monitor at work!
5. In the cupboard: Here’s just a random shot of my sealift pantry! (still have heaps of beans!)
6. Shadow: It’s a no shadow day here in Pang… just white cloudy skies! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 7-9

7. 6 o’clock: 6pm on my favourite little clock!
8. I shop here: Here’s the Northern in Pang…one of only 2 shops in town.  So here’s where I shop!
9. This is the weather today: It was a nice day..only 23C and no wind chill so it was actually pretty warm! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 10-12

10. R is for…: is for my red candle that smells like Christmas!
11. Green: Northern lights + Christmas lights…
12. Joy is…: waking up to this view every day…brings me a lot of joy…it’s so darn beautiful! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 13-15

13. Composition: Happy Birthday to me… Rule of Thirds…
14. Drink: This is the time of the year to drink lots of hot chocolate to keep yourself warm!
15. Lights: My Christmas Lights on the outside of my house make me happy! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 16-18

16. Makes you feel merry: pink skies at sunset (about 12:45pm) make me feel merry!
17. Tree: Here’s my tiny Christmas tree…with some of the packages my mum & my secret Santa sent me.  (You know it’s going to be a good Christmas when your stacks of presents are bigger than your tree!)
18. Big: Big mountains don’t let any sun come into town… have to wait until February to see the sun again from town! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 19-21

19. ‘Tis the season to…: to receive Christmas cards in the mail…
20. I’m listening to…: Christmas Carols..all the time in my house!
21. On the door: my jingle bell wreath on my door! December FMS-Photo-a-Day 22-24

22. Sparkly: got this awesome sparkly Christmas Decoration from a good friend.
23. Tradition: in my family it’s tradition to send and receive Christmas cards at this time of year.
24. Wrapped: Last present is wrapped and ready to be delivered. December FMS-Photo-a-Day 25-27

25. Best bit of your day: Merry Christmas…I’m feeling so blessed by all the awesome gifts my family sent to me from southern Canada!
26. Where you slept: I slept in my own bed…spent most of the day here…was struck by a migraine! 🙁
27. What you’re doing now: back to work for the day…quiet day in the office. December FMS-Photo-a-Day 28-31

28. Something awesome: I finished my first quilt incredibly awesome…loving how it’s looking so far!
29. Reflect: Best bit of 2013: So many great things about 2013…(top left & bottom right) snaps from my epic trip to the Yukon, (top right) enjoying the northern lights, & (bottom left) enjoying hiking in Auyuittuq National Park
30. You: Here’s one of my last selfies for 2013! Go on.
31. Celebrate: Had a blast with friends in Iqaluit….here’s some of the fireworks from the kids display!


So that wraps up a full year of photos… here’s to 2014 and another awesome year of recording memories!  Well who’s going to join me in snapping a few photos this month?  Here’s the list if you want to join along this month…I know it’s a busy one, but why not give it a shot?  let me know where you post your photos so I can follow along your snaps!

January FMS Photo a Day 2014

(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

November 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Time seems to be flying by…it’s been a crazy hectic month!  Starting off still in Ontario taking care of my mum…then coming back north…after a 3 day delay in Iqaluit then settling back into life and work and normal routines after 6 weeks away! To be honest, this month was hectic and crazy and I *might* not have uploaded a photo for each prompt on the each day.  This won’t be that huge of a surprise if you follow me on instagram because you will have noticed my mad rush early last week uploading about 15 photos in one day…to catch up on photos I had missed.  I think that’s the beauty of this challenge, that you can make the rules…and if you miss a day or two, or even 15… you can choose to upload them later and it is alright!  That being said, I did do all the prompts..and without any more rambling here’s my November photos!  NOVEMBER-PHOTO-A-DAY1

(Source: Fat Mum Slim)

Without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! Some of my photos were taken with my Canon 50D (particularly the ones earlier in the month before I got my new camera then they were taken with Canon 6D… or my iPhone 3GS!November Photo-a-Day 1-3

Day 1: Fruit… yummy oranges, being in the south…I ate so much fresh fruit!

Day 2: i did this today… worked on a knitting project, and have fun doing it!

Day 3: P is for… Pictures of me in old newspaper clippings, my mum and I were going through her old trunk, and found lots of clippings from my childhood!  I’m the first girl on the toboggan in that photo!

November Photo-a-Days 4-6

Day 4: Table… my mum ventured outside of the house for the first time since her surgery and we went for lunch..but had breakfast for lunch!

Day 5: i collect… while going through my mum’s truck I found my valentine’s day cards from when I was in Preschool.  (It was something i don’t really collect these things, just made sense when I was at my mum’s!)

Day 6: Music… listening to music on my iPhone! November Photo-a-Days 7-9

Day 7. Yes!  I love using this new app called Bitstrips to make comics… This one was made by my friend Kennie…and it ROCKS!

Day 8. someone i miss… my grandpa, it’s hard to believe that in December it will be 16 years without him! (This is a photo of my grandpa and I when I was 3!)

Day 9. Mine… my new camera… a Canon 6D… I’m in LOVE!!! (but I actually purchased it on November 14th…but the beauty of not doing prompts on the right day… allowed me to post about it after i purchased it!)

November Photo-a-Days 10-13

Day 10: book… so excited to start reading this book!!!

Day 11: a memory… thinking about the week I spent on the beach in Mexico in 2011!  Wish I was going to a beach sometime soon where it was warm and sunny…

Day 12: clouds… just a shot of random clouds while flying from Toronto to Ottawa! (this again was a picture I took and posted after the ‘actual’ prompt day…flew from Toronto to Ottawa on the 15th~)

November Photo-a-Days 13-15

Day 13. Part of me… this earring I got the summer I was 17.  I was working at a summer camp, and on my day off went into town and got this piercing.  About 7 of us got pierced that day…and by the end of that week I think at least 20 had a new one done!

Day 14: eating… all you can eat sushi with my little bro, sis-in-law and cousin…nothing else needs to be said…awesome evening!

Day 15: in my pocket/purse… this is my handy dandy camera bag…with all my camera gear hidden inside I was on my way from Toronto to Ottawa!

November Photo-a-Days 16-18

Day 16: play… just another day looking to take the car outside for a drive….

Day 17: 5 o’clock… this photo was taken at 5pm it had been dark for hours, and just walking home.  (Yahoo for short winter days living in the Arctic!)

Day 18: mirror… I was FINALLY home after trying to get here for 2 days! I must say this is one of my favourite new selfies I have taken!

November Photo-a-Days 19-21

Day 19: where you ate breakfast… as normal, first day back at work…eating breakfast at work while I read emails!

Day 20: communication… today I spent time fighting with the fax machine, trying to communicate and send information…after a few unsuccessful attempts they finally where sent!

Day 21: i wish i had this… more change for my change purse! November Photo-a-Days 22-24

Day 22: behind… my house, there’s a blanket of snow…with a few remaining pieces of dead plants coming through the snow!

Day 23: simplicity… just my front step and some snow that built up on it…

Day 24: a word… that’s my name spelling in syllabics which is the written form of Inuktitut. November Photo-a-Days 25-27

Day 25: quirky… to take this quirky photo i put on my toe socks (that I’ve only worn on a few occasions) my Berk sandals… and rolled up my jeans.  Perfect get-up for this Arctic Gal in the winter!

Day 26: message… i received my Christmas Cards… and now have to get writing messages on them, and sending them off via Canada Post!

Day 27: no! more sun will come up over this mountain…until February…here comes the dark season for Pangnirtung.

November Photo-a-Days 28-30

Day 28: i am grateful for… these warm clothes walking home from work.  Photo taken at 5pm, and my neighbours car drove by…I think they wondered why I was standing so still in front of my house in -25C plus windchill temps!

Day 29: black… my view from my office window at 2:30pm today.

Day 30: all done… I broke my own rule about no Christmas decorations until after my birthday, and got them out to decorate… my house looks so awesome and it makes me smile, so happy I made that choice! (besides…rules are meant to be broken!)


Hello December!  Can you believe it?! It’s the first day of Advent…and it’s my Birthday month as well as Christmas…I can’t believe I’ve made it a whole 11months doing this photo-a-day thing!  Well who’s going to join me in snapping a few photos this month?  Here’s the list if you want to join along this month…I know it’s a busy one, but why not give it a shout?  let me know where you post your photos so I can follow along your snaps!

December Photo-A- Day List

(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 


October 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Farewell October…can you believe it!? Another month is done… I’m so close to my goal of taking a photo-a-day in 2013!  Only 2 more months to go… I’m looking forward to kicking it up a notch for November!

(Source: Fat Mum Slim)

Without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! Some of my photos were taken with my Canon 50D and some were taken with my iPhone 3GS!

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (1-3)

Day 1: something colourful…my afghan that I knit!

Day 2: light…the northern lights were dancing in the early hours of the day!  So pretty…I LOVE watching them!

Day 3: you today…a wee bit tired, rockin’ the high bun on top of my head! Excited to be flying south and getting my hair cut soon!  (last cut was at the beginning of May!)

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (4-6)

Day 4: in motion…I was visiting my friends in Iqaluit and their youngest son at 17months was constantly in motion!

Day 5: afternoon…flying south from Iqaluit to Ottawa today!

Day 6: 8 o’clock…it was in the evening and I was waiting for a subway ride home from the hospital after visiting my mum all day!

October 2013 Photo-a-Day ( 7-9)

Day 7: what you saw today…fall leaves outside the windows from my little bro and sis-in-law’s house in Toronto!  Fall leaves make me so happy!

Day 8: corner…just a random corner in my mum’s house!

Day 9: pink…it’s a book cover & it was pink.

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (10-12)

Day 10: hands…mums getting around with her walker like a super star! Only 6 days post surgery…

Day 11: M is for…MAPLE LEAF!!!

Day 12: below…the tree leaves are starting to pile up!

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (13-15)

Day 13: watching…the cars drive from the balcony on this rainy day!

Day 14: favourite space…my favourite space is to be on the beach at my family cottage.  (this was taken this past summer!)

Day 15: secret…working on some secret sewing projects for some special kids.

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (16-18)

Day 16: leafy…lots of wet, leaves on the ground.

Day 17: first world problems…deciding what to be for halloween…then going shopping for all the supplies!  Thanks to the Home Hardware for where I got everything to make my Lego Head! 

Day 18: still…I went for a walk on this street, it was so peaceful, calm and still!  I’d love to live in a house like this one day.

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (19-21)

Day 19: a good day…I went to a fundraiser and won an iPad & a $50 gift certificate for the Keg!

Day 20: open…stopped my car on the drive home to take a shot of the ‘open’ road! not too many people driving…

Day 21: then + now… Then: in March of 1982…I was 2! and Now: in November of 2010…I was 30! (so the now isn’t really 100% current..but the best I could do with a photo!)

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (22-24)

Day 22: change…holy, change purse…it’s hardly closing!

Day 23: your mood today…Today I started and finished quite a few creative projects…being creative makes me uber HaPpY!

Day 24: dark…Halloween Decorations that have been painted on dark windows…

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (25-27)

Day 25: welcome…This little guy welcomed me to London, Ontario a weekend filled with visiting friends!

Day 26: depth of field…just a pumpkin shaped cheese-ball!

Day 27: peaceful…this was a random shot I took…but liked how peaceful it was!

October 2013 Photo-a-Day (28-31)

Day 28: just for you…I snuck out to get some Hot Chocolate for myself!  (dont’ worry I also got a French-Vanilla for my mum!)

Day 29: hair…mum’s hair is getting so long!

Day 30: wet…rain, rain go away come back another day! (that didnt’ work…because it’s still raining for halloween!)

Day 31: treat…yummy Halloween Treats!  Happy HALLOWEEN!


Hello November!  Can you believe it?! Well who’s going to join me in snapping a few photos this month? Yes, I’m still in shock that it’s NOVEMBER already…where has this year gone?   Here’s the list if you want to join along this month… let me know where you post your photos so I can follow along your snaps!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the first 9 months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!


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